Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shivering, Shoveling and Sewing!

Good Morning!

As I sit here it is about -40 with the wind chill and in about an hour I will be leaving for work, this winter has been challenging to say the least.  Sunday we had more snow so we shoveled, and yesterday we started to shiver with the deep freeze and this past weekend I did some sewing!

On Facebook Pat Sloan has a BOM group and it is called Globetrotting - this is the first block it is a big block 26 1/2 inches square - I really took along time figuring out my fabric colors and this is what I came up with -- I really like it - I have never used red, white and grey before so it is a new color group for me to work with.  And best of all it all came from my stash.  Love those projects!   

Fitting in with our theme of the winter - SNOW -- I completed the 1st row a row of the month mystery quilt that Quilt Doodle is hosting at her blog.   Looking forward to see what next months row is going to be.
  Well off to get ready to go into the deep freeze -- Hope your weather is better than ours!
Happy Stitches!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Cleaning and little Sewing

Good Morning!

WOW this winter has been a tough one in Northern IL -- so we are inside most of the time, snow on Saturday it was decent on Sunday (I mean high 20's LOL) more snow yesterday and this morning below zero AGAIN!  Oh my -- like I said lots of inside time -- this past weekend I was so busy I barely notices the weather!
It was time to get the guest room clean -- it was like a staging area when I re-did the sewing room so here it is -- clean as a whistle!   So happy the entire 2nd floor is all cleaned and shiney!  First floor is good too, but the basement is BULGING with box and boxes of garage sale items -- as soon as spring arrives we are having a nice big garage sale!  

I did get a little sewing done -- my new obsession is the kleenex box covers -- I want to use up some of my holiday fabric and I found one in a snowflake print and remembered how easy there are -- so I started sewing some up.   Here are a  couple of the valentines day ones.  They look great on your desk at work -- just a little cheery thing to put at your desk to make work a little more bearable!

And as I was cleaning I found a drawer full on my moms t-shirts -- well it has been 7 years this year since she passed away -- so I thought it was time to wash them and donate to goodwill but this one -- it is just her!  She always had a smile on her face -- even when she was ill.  So I made this into a pillow and it sits in my sewing room chair.   
Off  work and it is not going to be a great drive -- windy and drifting this morning --another character builder!
Happy Stitches!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thrift Shop finds

Good Morning!

We have a radio shopping show in this area -- where you can get great deals on dining, hotels and entertainment -- we shop there often -- you pay about $3 for a $15 gift certficate for meal, on of our greatest deals is $54 - 2 nights stay at a resort up north and it includes Friday night fish fry, Saturday night Prime Rib and Sunday brunch for 2!   You have to watch the deal days -- that certificate I think cost between $75 - $100 originally (still a great deal) but they will have 1/2 off or Lets Make a Deal Day and Dear Hubby loves this show -- and it really allows us to do alot more for less.

Well his sister also loves this show and she got me a $10 gift certificate for a Thrift shop about 1/2 hour away -- we also had a restaurant coupon in that area so off we went Monday after work --  Now the $10 gift certificate probably cost about $3 or less and here are just a few of my finds!    

Vintage Wood Clothespins -- I purchased 117 for 1 cent each -- OH and did I tell you that EVERYTHING was at least 25% off!!    What a deal!

Two galvanized tubs great for plantings -- $1 each so after the sale 75 cents each!!!
Cute porcelain tea pot for $2 -- after the sale prie $1.50  - another great planter!

Here is on of my most unique treasures a 1966 calendar the old fashion kind a printed on fabric calendar in a vintage frame again it was $1 = so really 75 cents!
I got 2 large frames -- i think one was 24 inches x 36 inches for 27 cents!  Yes it was $3 and that was 90% off -- the other frame I got was just a few inches smaller and I got that for 10 cents!   Both of those will be made into chalkboards -- last fall I was driving thru town and found a 1/2 sheet of plywood -- I of course picked it up and Dear Hubby frowned as I brought it into the garage -- he said What in the World are you going to do with that -- I said one day I will find frames and make chalkboards -- here we go!   These will be great to sell at the Pec thing this spring.

Have done a little more organizing and going thru my endless pile of magazines and books this week, want the spare room and the basement cleaned by the end of January -- so I have been working a little a day on that.
Looking forward to sewing this weekend.
Happy Stitches

Monday, January 13, 2014

First UFO of the year Completed!

Good Morning

How was your weekend?  Did you get alot accomplished?

I had a good weekend and did get my first UFO of 2014 completed ....YIPPEEE

But first Buttons was looking sweet on the chair in the living room so I snapped a quick picture of her.

And now announcing my first UFO completion -- it is a civil war wallhanging or table topper it measures 32 inches square and I had the top done since 2006 -- YIKES - that was along time ago-- so glad it is out of the UFO closet and into the completed stack!

Dear Hubby and I went out to run some errands and you guessed it -- a stop at Goodwill was in order - think this is the first time this year we had been to Goodwill -- OMG I saw this goose planter and I thought it would be perfect down by the creek with a pot full of red impatients -- and the price on this 3 foot tall goose was $1.49 -- Gotta love Goodwill!   The wings need a little touch up -- luck for me I have plenty of paint.
 And I got this little basket for using as a planter for only $1.99 -- smaller than the goose but more expensive -- I might use this for our Garden Fare or fill it with flowers for the flea market I do in May.  Or maybe keep it-- not sure yet but it is really unique.

Back to work for me today - only 4 days this week so I will have lots of time to quilt this coming weekend
Happy Stitches!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A little this A little that etc


That is how I feel today, I did a little of this and then a little of that -- got a few things done and some more made progress and a few things never happened -- like clean the basement!!

Here is something I completed today :)  I already had the bnnuy face done and I am trying to work thru a HUGE box of pieces like this  -- they just need to be completed.  I also have a big box of towels and I thought this might be cute -- found the rick rack in my embellishment box and got this one done!

Then my sister in law gave me a bag of fabric for dog beds and to use if there was something in there that I could use -- I did sort thru that and finish a dog bed -- so another project done.  As I went thru the bad  there were just a few pieces of crayon fabric and I have another sister in law that loves crayons -- so I had enough  to make her 2 coasters, I am sure when I mail them to her they will put a smile on her face - another project done  - I also made 10 more coasters with lots of small pieces I had -- am getting a nice big basket of these done for my shows this fall.

Now here is where I did not do so well - this was in the HUGE box of things in the works, it is basically a kit from craft camp -- so I sewed up the strips and cut them - then fused the stars on  -- need to applique them on and complete this it is a table runner.


These are 2 finishes from Thursday night -- a friend had given me a huge bag of wool, so I am enjoying making these little candle mats.  I will sell them at my fall shows, so it is really a good feeling to see the stack in box getting larger -- the more work I can get done in the winter the less stressful it is right before the show.  Hoping I can keep my mojo going!

Here is another candle mat they work up so quick...

Then I taught this project at craft camp back on October and I had 5 left over kits, I got 2 to this point today - now I have to quilt and embellish - embellishing is good for week nights I can watch TV with dear hubby and accomplish something.

That is all my show n tell for today -- I did quilt up a 27 in square wallhanging or table topper and need to bind it -- so stop by tomorrow night and it will be ready for viewing!

Time for bed I hope you accomplished alot today!

Happy Stitches

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tomorrow is Friday!!


I went back to work on Wednesday -- and when I got home I chatted with Dear Hubby, we had dinner and I went up to the sewing room for a little bit -- and this was what I accomplished -- not much but something.

I told you about how I was going to the quilt shop in the next town over and the road was closed, well Dear Hubby and I went out on Tuesday and we stopped at quilt shop to pick up the BOM -- and here is it.  I love the blue and green.   Should be interesting -- there is to be some wool applique involved too.     

Tonight I am going to head up there and count 4 patches and connecting corner blocks for a project I think I am going to take on a retreat next month -- I need 512 of each so I want to get the blocks sewn at home so I just have to assemble the quilt at the retreat -- I have been working on this since 2007 -- time to get this one done :)

I hope your day was great and TGIF (tomorrow!)
Happy Stitches

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Last day of Winter Break


Sadly today is my last day of Winter break -- sad to have to go back to work, but no work = no money for quilting, so off to work I go!

I did stay up last night til almost 2 AM working on this project  - it was 2011 New Years Eve Mystery - I had all the blocks done and 2 rows sewed together, so I sewed the other 5 rows and put them all together last night and then got up this morning and put on the 2 borders!  Yippee another UFO off to the long armer!  Love the bright colors, such a great quilt to work on when it is a high of 1 degree today.     

 Then I also finished this table runner -- of course it is my new obsession fabric -- so it looked so good in the sewing room.....

 I put it on my newly painted dresser -- still have the drawers open a bit they still seem to be sticking when I close them and the dresser has been painted almost a week, I think -- It is almost full!  Today I went thru all my Christmas fabric and I was hoping it would only take up 2 drawers WRONG 3 drawers full!  So guess what I am going to start working on yes.....you guessed ...Christmas table runners and such to reduce that part of my stash and build up my stock for my craft shows.

Dear Hubby and I went up north the weekend between Christmas and New Years and found  a really neat antique mall -- I of course got a few things!  This was  neat way to use a "cutter quilt" they used pinking shears to cut around the block -- it is a great table topper.

Then one of my favorite things are these vintage potholders -- all 4 of these were less than $5 for the set -- and in  the blue square one needs a bit of repair on the one edge oherwise in great condition, I can use these for Valentines day and 4th of July deocrations.

Well that is all for now, what are you working on?

I will be back at work tomorrow, so I bet my productivity will slow up a bit  :(  But keep stopping by I have lots of things I am this close to finishing and the weather is still not going to be that great so when I get home I plan to head up to my gorgeous sewing room and relax and stitch!

Happy Stitches and thanks for stopping by!


Monday, January 6, 2014

Freezing Cold Weather in IL


What do you do when it is going to be a high of -13 today and the wind chill around -30 degrees!  Well you say Hip Hip Hooray the office is closed -- and you sew all day!    I did some of this today and some I did of this over the weekend, I  have more to show you tomorrow -- still need to finish the binding on 1 project.

This is the first Block in the Aurifil block of the month - -it is a freebie you can get on line.
I had a bundle of these pink and green FQ's so I said Why not -- I think it will make a pretty quilt.

This what you do when  you have about 5 yards of Christmas flannel that  you have had for about 5 years and you finally realize you have red flannel too -- you make pillowcases and you use up some stash!  I got 4 of these pillowcases completed, and the other 3/4 of a yard or so I am making into coasters and mug rugs  -because it was the end of the bolt and it sewn together towards the end of the bolt -- so it was not usable for pillowcase bodies.

Then remember the day after Thanksgiving -- Joanns had all that flannel on sale -- I bought a ton  and I make baby items - blankets, bibs and burp clothes, so I started on these for my craft shows, actually getting a jump on things this year, thank you Mother Nature!

Sunday morning I found a purse/tote book and the Breadbox pattern looked interesting and I thought a winter purse would be a great idea, since winter is just eating us alive this year, I had some mitten fabric and the snowflake fabric -- and I finished that up on Sunday -- can't wait to use it -- maybe tomorrow we can get out!    

Wondering what my sweet girl Poochie has been doing in this frigid weather -- well this is one of her favorite places to snooze  -- I think she was wanting me adjust her pillows in this picture!

And here she is again -- snoozing because she just can't bear to even look outside -- she loves to be out but this weather is just too cold for her so she is escorted out and quickly brought in -- she would prefer to sniff and check everything out -- but with this extreme cold we just can not allow this -- one thing for sure I am sure she is loving having her momma home with her these extra few days!

Well tomorrow is another bitter cold day here in Northern IL -- everything is once again closed  -- so I will be sewing again tomorrow

How are you doing?  is is cold in your area?

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stitches

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Eve mystery and More

Happy Saturday!

What a day!   I told you I was going to go to the BOM at the Quilt Shop in the next town over -- well for those of you who live in the country you will understand, those of you who don't probably can not understand the crazy country people.  First we had a 4 foot drift in the driveway so Dear Hubby and I got rid of that so I could get the truck out -- OK on my way -- as soon as I get to the edge of our town, it looks like a war zone, cars in the ditches, blowing and drifting snow and up ahead I can see police lights, I proceed, after all I was going to the quilt shop and it is only about 12 miles from our town to the next town.

As I approach the stop sign where the lights are I see, 2 police cars, the fire chief and a HUGE Backhoe type piece of equipment clearing snow that has to be taller than our truck and a sign ROAD CLOSED  -- I think - are you kidding me - it is the first BOM class -- and the road is closed!! LOL - I gave it about a minute thought to take the next road to the neighboring town, but thought -- just go home and sew you can the BOM kit anytime -- so that is what I did!

Yesterday morning I did finish the New Years Mystery Quilt   - here is a photo - it looks more green here it really is more to the turquoise color than green -- now I have to get it quilted.   

This is what I have worked on today, along with some wool projects I will show you tomorrow, they aren't totally done yet.  My sister in law got this pattern for me and I thought it is a perfect day to make it, so I got this little mug rug totally done today - in between laundry and making a crock pot dinner.

 Then I just have to show you these -- my bff since we were kids, sent me these for Christmas -- They are the cutest owls and they are so warm -- perfect for the weather we are getting -- They are owldorable!
I made a great dinner tonight you put 4 chicken breasts in the crock pot, 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, a package of soft cream cheese and a package of Zesty Italian dressing and cook on high for about 1 - 2 hours and then low for a complete cooking time of about 4 hours -- then serve over pasta  - mmm it was so good and nice and warm, perfect for a cold and snowy day.

Then this afternoon I got the best news, we have been on a 2 week hiatus from work, they closed the office for the holidays -- and Monday it is supposed to be -25 so heading off to work at 6 AM was not looking like a lot of fun -- so the email said Office Closed on Monday - Another day of sewing!

Keep Warm and Stitch on!
Happy Stitches

Friday, January 3, 2014

Curtains and NYE Mystery quilt

Good Morning!

We had a few visitors yesterday and I did not get a chance to post to my blog -- so I am posting early this morning --

January 1st -- I completed my curtains for the sewing room -- actually then next time I am at JoAnns I need another 1/2 yard to make the valance fuller - but I am done as far as I can go right now.

  I also got the knobs painted and on the dresser -- the drawers are open in the photo because I want the paint to be good and dry before I close them --

And I did work on my New Years Eve mystery quilt -- I have 4 rows like this done and only 2 more rows and then the borders, hoping to get this done today.

I will be staying in and sewing today -- we woke up to -13 degrees this morning and I think we are looking at a high of Zero today -- great day to sew!

Tomorrow morning I am starting a new BOM at a local quilt shop -- it is blue and greens -- looking forward to this my class is at 8:30 -- I will blog about it tomorrow

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy stitches and keep warm!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014 WOW!


Gosh -- can't believe I have not blogged since Nov!  That was way back in last year!  I have been busy and have a great clean and updated sewing room to show you and it you stop by tomorrow I will show you some of the projects I have been working on.

I really wanted to paint my sewing room for some time now and finally after Thanksgiving and after the Craft walk in our town, I had a block of time I could use to paint, clean, clean and more cleaning and organizing than I would wish on anyone -- so here is the "Before" picture -- of course this is after I starting getting things ready to move out of the room and start with a empty room -- to be honest that did not work so well -- our other spare bedroom is not as large and I just have too much stuff -- so I moved the small things out and put the big stuff in the middle and got to work!!      

And above is photo 1 -- Love the color!  I went with a nice bright yellow and red and white accents -- the dresser is freshly painted so I don't have the drawers closed or even the knobs on -- they are drying on the kitchen counter -- yes you guessed it YELLOW knobs!!   This dresser came from my Grandpas house -- it is most likely 100 years or more old -- hubby was not thrilled I was painting it but I am never parting with it, so I am going to enjoy it and that is all that matters --well to me anyways. The dresser is holding my holiday type fabric and my 30's.  Notice the bookcase -- I really went thru my books and mags and have a ton in the basement to go thru.   I still need to make a new cushion for the chair, This is where Buttons (my cat) spends alot of her time, -- believe me she is glad my (her) room is back in order!

 Here is where the sewing actually happens, my sewing corner -- so fresh and clean I just love it -- what a great way to start the new year!  Curtains still need to be made --but I do have the fabric and hope to get those done this afternoon!

Here is my cutting area -- I moved it from the other side of the room and it actually gives me much more floor space -- and it is also the entertainment center complete with radio and tv!  The bookcase along the wall is one my dad made when I was a kid -- it was stained so I painted it red of course -- I am sure he is smiling down  that I have kept it for so long :)      And of course Poochie is taking a snooze -- gosh cleaning is hard work she tells me!  Still need to put the patterns in the box -- nicely!  At least they are all in one spot!

 And here is my ironing area with a container of patterns -- I thought the wood shelf would be great to keep BOM's in place etc.  We will see -- I am using the same print it is yellow with lady bugs on it for the curtains.

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour and check back tomorrow for some actual sewing progress!

I hope 2014 is a great year for you!

Happy Stitches!