Monday, September 1, 2014

Scnibbles from the Past

Good Morning

It is time to start the Schnibbles parade -- can't wait!   But for now I will show you some of the past Schnibbles I have made. -- The names have escaped me

This one is for Christmas we did this a year or so ago

This one was done last year -- love the bright colors

The Spool one was done the year before last.
It is one of my favorites

This House Schnibble we did a couple years ago it hangs in our guest room

This one can't remember when we did it, but I love the color combos


This isa neat pink and green 30's one
 Have a great labor day -- we had an exciting  weekend we adopted an 11 month old Dalmatian from Houston this weekend!  I will tell you about this tomorrow\
Happy Stitches