Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Schnibble Parade

Welcome to the Schnibble Parade!! See me waving at you!!

This is my version of the February Pattern ISTH ....I did not want to make all those little pieces for the border and I had this great border fabric, so I pulled my colors from that. I planned to get it quilted before the parade, but that did not happen :( I plan to quilt a flower in the blank gold squares. Should have it all done by the weekend.

I hope you liked my entry in the parade!

Happy Stitches hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Potholder Pass 10 and Catch up on BOM


How did Mail it Monday go? I got a few positive responses, so that made me feel fantastic! I mailed a letter to my Godson who is in the Marines - I hope it brightens his day. I am already thinking about what I will mail on Monday - I think I will make a point of it on Sunday to take a few minutes and get my note ready and then pop it in the mail on Monday.

I have been in the Jan Patek BOM since September and I have not gotten much done, they are on block 6 and here I am still on block 1 -- Great News, I am almost done with it, I have the pieces fused on with iron on interfacing and then I am going around the edge of each piece with black DMC floss - I want this to look primitive - so tonight while I watch a little TV with Dear Hubby, I will finish block 1 - I just have to stitch around the 2 stars and the moon - then I can move on to the first part of Block 2 -- that is the second photo -- and again I just have to stitch around -- hoping to get the rest of block 2 and 3 done tomorrow - and be caught up by next week. Wish me luck!

Here is part of block 2 - it goes on the right side of block 1

Then I was involved in the Pot Holder Pass 10 over on Flickr and these are the adorable chicken potholders that flew into my mail box yesterday -- see what happens when you mail something, you get a goodie in your box :) Just love these and I call Dear Hubby Love Bug and look at the green fabric there are little love bugs there!! Too cute! Thank you!

I made a set of bunny potholders and a bunny towel for my partner -- here is the towel and the next photo is of the bunny faces, don't know where I put the photo of the potholders, I just loaded them into Flickr yesterday -- and today they are gone -- gotta love these computers!

Bunny potholder -- I do love this face!

I am slowly finishing up my Schnibble of the Month -- still need to add the border - so I will have that ready for the March 1st Parade! Can you believe March 1st already -- WOW this year is zippin by!

So what have you been working on?
I hope lots of fun things!
thanks for stopping by -- see you soon!
Happy Stitches

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mail It Monday!

Good Morning

In the Chicago area we have a Mr Fix It show that airs on the radio from 6 AM - 9 AM every Saturday morning -- we love to listen to Lou (that is Mr Fix-it) and he always has great ideas, he was discussing this economy we are in and he said it will not turn around til we change, til we make more of an effort to purchase American made products and support American companies.
Well I got to thinking about this and I think he is right, so I have decided that if everyone mailed 1 piece of mail extra each week, we could save the Post Office -- definitely an American company who hires Americans. So I for one will be mailing 1 piece of mail on Monday -- and this is how Mail it Monday evolved!

It also will brighten someones day - -remember how exciting it was to get a piece of mail a cute card, or a simple note in the mailbox, or even send a picture to brighten someones day. I think this could not only save the PO, but it could bring back a little of the Good Ol' Days!

So who are you mailing something to today?

Happy Stitches

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back to the Bucket!

Good Morning!

I did sew alot on Friday -- I went back to the bucket of projects, that needed to be completed and I finished this bunny table topper - he probably has been there in pieces for 2 years -- so I am so happy to have him complete! And we had a cold and snowy day on Friday and Saturday so working on something happy was even more fun!

Then I got all the blanket stitching on this guy done, in fact when I took the photo it was just the pattern and fabric, so I just need to quilt and bind him, that will happen today.

I also got 1 more block from the Birdie of the Month done, I have only 3 more to go!

Other than sewing went to a train show with Dear Hubby yesterday and saw some awesome displays of train sets - fun day and best of the train show was free!

How is your weekend going?

Thanks for stopping by!

Well off to get some laundry done and sew a bit today
Happy Stitches

Friday, February 24, 2012

Projects in Progress!

Good Morning!

Such a busy week, took the Elephant quilt and baby things to my niece on Monday and she really loved them :)

Then she gave me another project to make 3 elephants in a circle for above the crib, so that will be done this weekend.

Ran around with Dear Hubby alot this week, and have not been able to get as much done in my sewing room as I would like to... But tonight I think I am having my own Friday Night Sew In!
We got about 7 inches of snow last night, so things are pretty much shut down here for the day - I already cleaned off the driveway so I think the rest of the day is mine to sew....

Here are a few projects I am trying to get done - one is the Blooming Minds Easter Bunny wallhanging and Easter Basket table runner -- another is a table runner that I have really cute Easter fabric so I want to get that made and the 2 yellow pieces of fabric are 2 of the Birdie Block of the Month that I still need to stitch -- then I will only have 2 more to go I think -- I love this quilt and want to get it done before I go back to work. I only have about 5 more weeks so I need to get moving here. Sounds like a long time, but in reality time flies!

This photo below is my Schnibbles I need to get done by March 1st for the Schnibble of the Month -- I have all the 1/2 square triangle done, I just need to sew them together and then finish it -- so it should take a few more hours and I should have a top top at least. I got the fabric that I am going to border it in - from our quilt retreat --- we brought some things to swap and this is what I picked out -- I think the Schnibble should turn out pretty cute.

I also need to finish up my potholder pass project this morning and get that mailed today. I will post photos of that tomorrow!

Well with all these things that need to get done, I need to get back to my sewing room!
Happy Stitches

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday Night Sew in Results!


I had some of the elephant quilt started yesterday -- but I worked most of the day on it and I just sewed the last bit of binding! I sure hope my niece loves it :)

Here is a close up of 1 of those silly elephants

Still more elephants in the works-- bibs and burp cloths!!

Happy Stitches

Friday, February 17, 2012

progress today

So here is my elephant quilt so far -- all put together - now on to quilting it -- I don't know what happened to the color it is blue and beige -- but I did not want to run upstairs to take another picture

off to quilt
Happy Stitches

Friday Night Sew in!

Tonight is Friday night Sew In!! Lucky me I am off today -- so you guessed it All Day Sew In!!

Check back for progress photos today

Happy Stitches!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Have a fantastic day!

Happy Stitches!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Off to the Girls Get Away Weekend!

Good Morning!

Today is the day -- I am off with 6 of my best buddies to our Girls Get Away Weekend, we have rented a B&B - I have my projects packed and I am ready to check out a few quilt shops!

I will be back before the game starts on Sunday!

See you in a few days -- I bet I will have lots of photos to share!

Happy Stitches!