Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Schnibble parade!

Welcome to the January Schnibble parade!

I changed up my Full House quilt abit, I only made 12 houses, I have a spot in our guest room that required a smaller quilt. I used 30's that I absolutely LOVE!

And I made a spare house -- I guess you could call it a second home! LOL for the label

And here is just 1 row of houses.

I really loved this project and the best part is -- it is done and on the wall!
Looking forward to our next project!

Happy Stitches

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Finish


I have been sewing and quilting up a storm -- I have 3 more items sandwiched together that need to be quilted up in the next few days and I did manage to get this Uncle Sam complete, now this was a kit I got from Craft camp many years ago -- but I really am happy how he turned out.

He should look pretty good hanging up around the 4th of July.

So here he is...what do you think?

He is about 2 feet wide and 3 feet long.

Are you joining the new Quilting gallery swap? Click on the link on the top right of my blog and check it out.

Have a good evening!
Happy Stitches

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Valentine Project and another UFO done!

Good Morning!

Can't believe it is Wednesday already and almost the end of January -- this month is flying by - probably because it is a month I really get to work in my sewing room!

I had some extra Valentines day blocks from a swap I did a year or so ago - so I thought why not make them into just table squares so I have 2 all sandwiched together just waiting to be quilted and one scrappy string table topper -- I just used my valentine scraps and pieced them on to a foundation and put 4 blocks together and I am going to use it as a table topper- These will get quilted up today.

I am currently quilting this UFO - Uncle Sam a great wallhanging for 4th of July -- I started this at Craft Camp probably 8 - 10 years ago - it is a Country Threads pattern -- and I think by the end of the day it will be done and ready to hang this summer!

This UFO is done :) It was a pile of bow tie blocks that I thought might make a cute table runner - great for spring or summer - I used a quilting stencil for the center it is 4 entwined hearts, very simple to quilt and then in the border I did free hand hearts - turned out cute I think - not sure if I will keep it or put it in the craft show crate -- I have so many table runners but it might work in the guest room it is a 30's type theme and it would be nice on the dresser in there.

How are your UFO's coming along?

I am off to the sewing room!
Have a great day!
Happy Stitches

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday Evening!

Hi there!

Well I did not get much sewing done on Saturday -- Dear Hubby and I went to library and got some books -- now when we go to the library -- our town has a teeny tiny little library so we drive 45 minutes to go to a really really nice library - that lets us use our towns card to get books.

So we did that and ran some other errands, Dear Hubby got a baking book and I am the baker, he can cook, but I can bake, so last night I made this Blueberry Coffee cake -- perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. It was delish!

Then we kinda switch off cooking and I had taken a chicken out of the freezer - and I wanted to make Lucinda Scala Quinns (her show follows Martha on Hallmark every morning) recipe for Chicken and Dumplings....

Here is the finished dish -- it was so good, a little grease in the brooth, so next time I will skim the top but the homemade dumplings we awesome! I have never used parsnips or turnips before and the recipe called for both and they were very tasty. Maybe something we need to add to the garden this year.

So today I was back at my sewing machine and I got 2 of these table toppers complete! I just sold one on Etsy so I wanted to add 1 today and 1 tomorrow morning.

Then since the weather was nicer today -- windy and 32 with some flurries and/or sometimes rain - Poochie and I took our 3 mile walk, have not been able to go much this past week due to frigid cold and then the snow storm -- walked on the treadmill only 1 day - really prefer to walk outside.

Then I came back in and worked on this little penny rug -- got all the snowman on - need to sew on the back --

Very productive weekend!
I hope you had a good one too!
thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stitches!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Night Snowed (Sew) In Results

Good Saturday morning!

How did your Friday night sew in go? Mine was fantastic, got lots done. I got 2 out of the 3 things on my list complete and I started sewing on my string blocks. This star block table topper can (yes you guessed it out of the basket) But it is another finish from there so YIPPEE!
And I got a little bolder with my quilting here, I quilted stars in the border -- It should sell this summer at a craft show - very patriotic I think.

Then this topper I made 2 years ago and I finally got I quilted. And I bound it yesterday so it is done and I put it on Etsy -- our kitchen was yellow and now it is green -- so I may as well try to sell it -- unless a family member speaks up for it. I am just glad it is off the UFO list :)

And here is my January Schnibble Full House COMPLETE! Well I have to put the label on it - I only did 12 houses I have the perfect spot for this wall quilt in the guest room and 16 houses would have made it too big.
I just love it! Of course it is 30's and those are my fav's!

I am really having fun with my machine quilting -- I have discovered a secret, I don't drop my feed dogs it gives me a little resistance and that slows me down and my stitches look sooo much better. How about you -- feed dogs Up or Down? Have you tried it with them up?

About 9 inches of snow fell here yesterday and it is cold - hoping to get my walk in this afternoon and I will be sewing up a storm today too!

Check back tomorrow to see what I did today and thanks for stopping!

Happy Stitches

Friday, January 20, 2012

Frinday Night Sew - First of the New Year

Good Morning!

What a great day it is going to be-- we are expecting 8 inches of snow today!!! AWESOME!

I love it when it snows - everything looks so pretty and I love to be outside in it -- the dogs love to play it in and then we come in and you guessed it - head right up to the sewing room!

Tonight is Friday Night Sew In -- the first of the new year -- I have lots I want to do and since I am off today -- it is an all day sew in for me!

My list of things to do today:

Scrap basket blocks for swapping

Quilting and binding my Full House Schnibbles

Finish Binding a table topper - I quilted earlier this week

And to work on whatever my little heart desires

Have a great day! And see you at the sew in tonight!

Happy Stitches

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Through out the Year

Hi There!

I was doing a little surfing on blogs tonight and found a great idea, Christmas through out the year - they have lots of tutorials and idea -- check it out


Then on her side bar she has another link to click to see her partner in this effort. I tried to copy the button, but I think I am too tired, so I will try it tomorrow

Happy Stitches

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That Darn Basket!


Just updated my blog tonight before I go to bed.

What have you been working on? Me that darn ol basket -- but I am making headway -- the pile is actually SHRINKING!!

I have just been doing whatever is next in the pile -- these are real simple coasters that I sell at shows for 50 cents -- they use up my scraps - so it is a win win - the customer gets a good deal and I get rid of some scraps. I actually did 16 of them and then put the rest in a nice plastic shoe box - then I can work on them when I want but the great news is -- all the pieces are in 1 place.

Then you say the bunny had I was working on - Well I purchased these placemats for 4 for $1.99 at the local thrift shop and they were like brand new -so I added the bunnies to these.

Can't wait til spring to put them on our island in the kitchen! But Spring won't be here any time soon the temps will be in single digits tomorrow and then 8 inches of snow due in on Friday -- great time for Friday night sew in -- Did you sign up for that? I did this morning --

Well I have 2 more things I am sewing the binding down on and that will be 2 more projects out of that darn basket and then I am also working on my Schnibbles for the Schnibble of the Month parade -- got most of it cut out tonight -- and made a sample block -- love it -- Hope to get the top done tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening
Happy Stitches

Sunday, January 15, 2012

More from that Old Basket and Easter!

Good Morning!

Couple more finishes from that old basket of mine! And still more in it -- This is a Thimbleberries block from a BOM that I never finished ( imagine that!) So I had some coordinating fabric - so I added 2 borders and quilted it, it is 27 inches square a nice size table topper. And the best part is -- it is DONE!

This is also from a BOM that I never finished - I h ad 3 other blocks from it and I finished and sold those at last years craft shows, so I hope this is also going to sell fast this fall. But again - something Done!!

Also in my basket I had some Easter stuff -- This pattern was in there and I had pulled some fabric - and I have some towels I thought these would look cute on towels and maybe potholders, I am in the Potholder Pass 10 and I am in the the Spring group - my partner that I got likes green and blue-- so I was thinking of appliqueing on blue and bordering with green and then I have a green towel - so it might be a cute set. I will work on it and see. But this one I think is going to be appliqued on a placemat I got at the thrift shop - I got 4 blue and yellow placemats for $1.99 all in new condition -- so I thought a bunny in the corner might work. I will let you know where this little bunny ends up.

Well yesterday I did not get to sew much, Dear Hubby is removing the whirlpool tub from the basement -- the motor repair will cost almost as much as a new one, so I was downt here for 5 hours gutting the bathroom with him. Today he wants to watch football, so you guessed it, I will be sewing!
Hope your weekend is going great!
Happy Stitches!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some Valentine UFO's

Good Morning :)

I have been working on my Bucket/Basket items, this Valentine topper was tossed in there with it's backing -- so I quilted and bound this up Thursday -- I really learned alot about machine quilting on this topper, I did not drop the feed dogs and I think it is one of the best things I have machine quilted - I also went a little slower and my stippling looked pretty good on this. So maybe that is the secret.

I also had this hankie that that had some small holes on the one side, so I cut it in half and made this envelope type Valentine pillow!

Two more things I got done from my bucket are Christmas projects, I will post those tomorrow - because I am also working on some Easter items. And guess what the bucket/basket is actually looking a little less full!

Off to make some oatmeal on this cold and snowy morning!
Happy Stitches

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stashbusters Gold Mine

Good Morning!

How are you doing??

I am doing great! I am a member of the Stashbuster yahoo group and each year they have a UFO Challenge and you tally up your UFO's and send in 2 FQ's and 50 cents - then for each finish you have you get an entry into the FQ stash -- Well I was one of the winners for the 4th Quarter of 2011 and they arrived yesterday -- 32 new to me fat quarters.

I have alot of ideas in my head for new projects to make with these FQ's.

I better get in the sewing room and start busting some of my new stash!

Happy Stitches

Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Accomplishments and a new project!


Did you have a good weekend? I did, got lots done and started a new project!

I finished the 14 candle mat / mug rugs got the final binding stitched on Sunday night! You would think that my basket / bucket would be empty NOT! That is ok - I like a challenge!

Here are all 14 - right before they were priced and packed away for fall shows. Finally getting something done early!!

Last week I was Facebook talking with my favorite niece (I always tell her that just to bug her sister) OK they both are my favorites, but don't tell anyone else! I have a favorite Godson and his brother are my favorites for boys, but again don't tell anyone!
Well back to the Facebook talking....she is having baby #2 in March and I had told her I was making something for her.....easy to tell I was making a quilt HUH? So she asked me if I would make one like the one she had seen an at overpriced store....I of course said yes and was thrilled she asked me. So Friday we went to the store and she picked out the fabric and I managed to get 1 block done....here it is. Still needs some embroidery but for the most part it is done. I don't know why the background fabric is distorted in the photo but it doesn't look like that in real life.

Well that is all for today -- I did work on some string blocks for a swap, but I need to get more of them done in the morning and then mail them out.

Happy Stitches and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Working on my Bucket List

Good Morning!

How are you doing in the new year? Accomplishing alot? I have spent the last few days working on that bucket that is filled to the rim with projects and I am completing some things!!

I finished 6 air freshener dolls for fall shows, got those priced and packed away, then I found this kit for an Ice cream cone towel and luckily I had some nice yellow towels in my stash and I was able to get 2 out of almost all the fabrics except the green, so I had a little green that I just added and I finished them both yesterday.

I had these mug rugs cut out and I was able to get them all completed yesterday too. I have put them on my Etsy shop, I have more of the fabric and am thinking of making them for Valentines gifts - they are quick and easy and easy to mail.

This table runner came out of my basket, I had this kit from when I had the quilt shop, I of course used the border fabric that came in the kit for something else, so I had search my stash and found this great red - and on the back I used a fun white with red polka dot fabric. I listed this on Etsy too, but I have plenty of reds and pinks and am going to make another one in pinks. I really like the way it turned out. And I like the fact that it is out of the basket and done best of all.

I also have 2 more of the Christmas mug rug/candle mats to bind up -- then I will have completed all 14 of those, again out of my basket.

Today I am going to work more on the basket and see what else I can put in the completed pile.

Hope all is well!
Happy Stitches

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Bucket List ....Kinda of


How is the new year going to you? I have been able to walk 3 miles so far every day and my Poochie is thrilled to be able to get out and walk every day - then what do I do for the rest of the day you ask?

Well when I cleaned out my sewing room - a week or so ago -- I had a basket on the floor and I put in there things that needed to be finished or small kits that could be done quickly....in fact here is my basket...

It is kinda full, but I have made progress, there were 4 dog beds next to the basket and I stitched them closed today, I had several crochet wash cloths, they just needed the threads hidden, got that done and I am currently working on the plastic bag of things next to the basket, it is air freshener dolls - about a dozen of them for shows this coming fall - I have the dresses made and everything I need for them, so that is my project for today.

I am also sewing the binding on my Christmas mug rug/candle mats, that I showed a couple posts ago - I have 14 and I am binding number 7! So I am half way there and I have been working on some Valentines day things, I will show you that in a few days.

I hope you are making progress this year too!

Happy Stitches!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Well how was your New Years Eve?

Mine was great - I worked on my mystery quilt and I got all the parts of the block done but only 1 actual block and here it is -- I just love it! Very springy looking -- now today I will get the rest of the blocks complete and get this top together :)

While I was sewing - we had lots of little munchies so we skipped the NYE dinner and went to a movie instead, Tin Tin -- never really heard of this while I was a kid, but Dear Hubby had read the books etc so off we went to see the 3 D version, it was a great movie. And Dear Hubby who is on a new bipap (cpap) machine for sleeping, stayed awake the entire movie, that was the best part, anyone who knows or lives with someone with sleep apena gets frustrated when they fall asleep -- so it was a great evening with him. He has had the machine for a week and we are both seeing a difference in him.

Of course we were back home by 9:30 and I got back to sewing and he putzed on the computer and then the TV and then the computer and before you know it it was Midnight!
The past few years I must admit I would just fall asleep -- so I think 2012 should be a good year because I met it right a midnight :)

So did you make any resolutions? Mine are just about the same as last year -- get those darn UFO's finished, I am once again going to try for 1 a month and just get some things made from all my fabric up in my sewing room, try out some of my new patterns, sell more items on Esty, be better prepared for my craft shows and walk 3 miles a day with Poochie - we started in Oct and most weeks have gotten 5 days in weather permitting, so I want to continue that in 2012.

Speaking of walking ....here she sits looking at me ....like are we going today....so yes off we go on our walk

Happy new year, made it be filled with good health, good friends, & good times!
Happy Stitches!