Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Well how was your New Years Eve?

Mine was great - I worked on my mystery quilt and I got all the parts of the block done but only 1 actual block and here it is -- I just love it! Very springy looking -- now today I will get the rest of the blocks complete and get this top together :)

While I was sewing - we had lots of little munchies so we skipped the NYE dinner and went to a movie instead, Tin Tin -- never really heard of this while I was a kid, but Dear Hubby had read the books etc so off we went to see the 3 D version, it was a great movie. And Dear Hubby who is on a new bipap (cpap) machine for sleeping, stayed awake the entire movie, that was the best part, anyone who knows or lives with someone with sleep apena gets frustrated when they fall asleep -- so it was a great evening with him. He has had the machine for a week and we are both seeing a difference in him.

Of course we were back home by 9:30 and I got back to sewing and he putzed on the computer and then the TV and then the computer and before you know it it was Midnight!
The past few years I must admit I would just fall asleep -- so I think 2012 should be a good year because I met it right a midnight :)

So did you make any resolutions? Mine are just about the same as last year -- get those darn UFO's finished, I am once again going to try for 1 a month and just get some things made from all my fabric up in my sewing room, try out some of my new patterns, sell more items on Esty, be better prepared for my craft shows and walk 3 miles a day with Poochie - we started in Oct and most weeks have gotten 5 days in weather permitting, so I want to continue that in 2012.

Speaking of walking she sits looking at me are we going yes off we go on our walk

Happy new year, made it be filled with good health, good friends, & good times!
Happy Stitches!


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