Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday Evening!

Hi there!

Well I did not get much sewing done on Saturday -- Dear Hubby and I went to library and got some books -- now when we go to the library -- our town has a teeny tiny little library so we drive 45 minutes to go to a really really nice library - that lets us use our towns card to get books.

So we did that and ran some other errands, Dear Hubby got a baking book and I am the baker, he can cook, but I can bake, so last night I made this Blueberry Coffee cake -- perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. It was delish!

Then we kinda switch off cooking and I had taken a chicken out of the freezer - and I wanted to make Lucinda Scala Quinns (her show follows Martha on Hallmark every morning) recipe for Chicken and Dumplings....

Here is the finished dish -- it was so good, a little grease in the brooth, so next time I will skim the top but the homemade dumplings we awesome! I have never used parsnips or turnips before and the recipe called for both and they were very tasty. Maybe something we need to add to the garden this year.

So today I was back at my sewing machine and I got 2 of these table toppers complete! I just sold one on Etsy so I wanted to add 1 today and 1 tomorrow morning.

Then since the weather was nicer today -- windy and 32 with some flurries and/or sometimes rain - Poochie and I took our 3 mile walk, have not been able to go much this past week due to frigid cold and then the snow storm -- walked on the treadmill only 1 day - really prefer to walk outside.

Then I came back in and worked on this little penny rug -- got all the snowman on - need to sew on the back --

Very productive weekend!
I hope you had a good one too!
thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stitches!

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