Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That Darn Basket!


Just updated my blog tonight before I go to bed.

What have you been working on? Me that darn ol basket -- but I am making headway -- the pile is actually SHRINKING!!

I have just been doing whatever is next in the pile -- these are real simple coasters that I sell at shows for 50 cents -- they use up my scraps - so it is a win win - the customer gets a good deal and I get rid of some scraps. I actually did 16 of them and then put the rest in a nice plastic shoe box - then I can work on them when I want but the great news is -- all the pieces are in 1 place.

Then you say the bunny had I was working on - Well I purchased these placemats for 4 for $1.99 at the local thrift shop and they were like brand new -so I added the bunnies to these.

Can't wait til spring to put them on our island in the kitchen! But Spring won't be here any time soon the temps will be in single digits tomorrow and then 8 inches of snow due in on Friday -- great time for Friday night sew in -- Did you sign up for that? I did this morning --

Well I have 2 more things I am sewing the binding down on and that will be 2 more projects out of that darn basket and then I am also working on my Schnibbles for the Schnibble of the Month parade -- got most of it cut out tonight -- and made a sample block -- love it -- Hope to get the top done tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening
Happy Stitches

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