Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Bucket List ....Kinda of


How is the new year going to you? I have been able to walk 3 miles so far every day and my Poochie is thrilled to be able to get out and walk every day - then what do I do for the rest of the day you ask?

Well when I cleaned out my sewing room - a week or so ago -- I had a basket on the floor and I put in there things that needed to be finished or small kits that could be done fact here is my basket...

It is kinda full, but I have made progress, there were 4 dog beds next to the basket and I stitched them closed today, I had several crochet wash cloths, they just needed the threads hidden, got that done and I am currently working on the plastic bag of things next to the basket, it is air freshener dolls - about a dozen of them for shows this coming fall - I have the dresses made and everything I need for them, so that is my project for today.

I am also sewing the binding on my Christmas mug rug/candle mats, that I showed a couple posts ago - I have 14 and I am binding number 7! So I am half way there and I have been working on some Valentines day things, I will show you that in a few days.

I hope you are making progress this year too!

Happy Stitches!

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