Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Wow!  I have not blogged all year.  So much has happened this year.  We lost our dear Poochie May 4th, she was 15 and battled kidney disease for 3 years.  She is truly missed each day.

In June we adopted an 8 week old Dalmatian Pepper,  between her and Lucas we are very busy, both have been in obedience and trick classes.

I know have this app n my iPad so I can update more.

Have a Merry Christmas

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Productive Weekend


This has been a finish up weekend!   It was a nice 3 day weekend with really no plans so I got a ton of projects complete and more that just need binding.  Most of these were out of my tote of unfinished from last year and a few new projects, but remember if I finish a couple I could make something new :)

Well first up is my something new!  Last week I made a dalmatian purse/tote - This week I started these on Wednesday  night and finished up Saturday  morning -- I am keeping the pink and green on and the other 2 will be sold at shows or Etsy.
This was unfinished from last year -- all I needed to do with layer, and quilt it and it is done!

This tablerunner I made the top at our Winter Girls GetAway Weekend and finally finished it this weekend, I layered, quilted and bound it!  Yeah!  Another one done -- this is for our dining room for this summer!

I had 4 of these blue striped bibs and they needed something!  Well I think the snowman applique was what they needed!  All 4 complete!  More in the For Sale Bin!

Our JoAnns closed in October -- so hubby and I went out to dinner near a SUPERSTORE JoAnns and I ran in for a few minutes, go this cute doggie print for valentines day and had the other fabrics, and made 2 pillowcases last night!  These will go to my nieces 2 little ones, they will love  them I hope!  This was a new project :)


Another new project, these are super simple -- zipper pouch by Cotton Way - I bought the pattern on Friday and just had to try it!  I will be making lots of these -- but I have to complete a few more things then I can make more!

These pillow cases were cut and ready to sew last February -- well guess what in about a 1/2 hour they were done!! And they will be mailed off  March first for the March birthdays  missed last year!

Well I would say that was a pretty productive weekend!

Now for some fun pictures of Lucas and Poochie -- here they are playing in  the sewing rooom!

I think Lucas is not willing to share his toy today!


And this is a cute picture of what I wake up to!  He is really bringing life back into the house!  We are lucky to have him!

I hope you had a good weekend and got lots done!

Happy Stitches!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy New Year!

WOW!  It is already January 17th!   We had a very busy fall and beginning of winter!   The end of September brought us an 8 month old dalmatian rescue... Introducing Lucas!   Here he and Poochie are telling Santa what they want for Christmas!  I think  their Christmas list was fulfilled and they are both happy.   After Patches left, Poochie was very sad and we were  very sad.  Lucas became available and he needed a home and we needed a puppy to love, and they say the rest is history.  He just turned a year old this month and is attending obedience school but the first 8 months of his life he had very little training so he is a challenge. But the love he gives is worth it.


I have been trying to finish up things from last year before starting new projects, so far I have finished more than I started so I would say I am doing well!   This is a baby quilt that will be donated to my quilt guild -- I started it last summer and finally got it quilted and bound this weekend.  So glad to have this ready to turn in at our meeting this month.   

OK now this is a new project, but I had to make one I saw it on the web and thought it would be a cute mug rug, so I made this last weekend.  Quick and easy!  this was a new for one so far!

This is also a new project, I wanted a red purse for February -- for Valentines days and for Go Red for Women in February so today I shopped my stash and made a bag that is perfect for me!
  This is a finish from last year I had the 4 patches done but nothing  else, so last weekend I added  the applique heart and now I have a new candle mat.      

These mug rugs were to be at a show in December, well as you can see that did not happen -- but I have 4 of the 6 I started done, and 2 more need the binding sewn on ...wich I will do tonight when I am done updating my blog! 

Also finished 2 Halloween table runners from last year.  So I am pretty pleased at my finishes so far this month -- I have a rubbermaid tote of items not finished from 2015 -- so I am trying to turn that into a tote of things for shows this year.   I will keep you posted on this!

Lots of blog things going on too Bee In My Bonnet starts her sew along tomorrow I want to participate it and I am embroidering blocks from Sentimental Stitches blog and then Buttermilk Basin has a wool project that is going on too!  I have plenty to do with these new projects and my old projects.  So I am sure to keep very busy this year

I hope 2016 is going to be a great year for you!
Happy Stitches

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mini Quilt Parade


I loved doing the Schnibbles every month and have tried to work on the mini quilts and projects, but never seem to get them done by the first....until today!  I love this little quilt -- I think I will make some more for Spring time gifts,  it is a cute table topper or wall hanging.   

Will try to post more often!  Lots of exciting things going on here!

Happy Stitches

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Our Beloved Patches

On July 29 Patches lost her battle with T-Cell Lymphoma.    

Here is the tribute my husband and I wrote for her that was on facebook : 

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you we lost our precious Patches to cancer today. We would like to thank all the caring people who helped bring Patches into our lives. If you never believed in love at first sight, you would if you had met Patches. See was quick to give love and happy to receive it. She was such a good girl and a joy to have. She excelled at her obedience school as well her agility and nose work classes. Patches loved to travel and we took her almost everywhere we went. From the hot sunny beaches of Texas to the bone chilling blizzards of Illinois she loved them both. She got to lay in the grass and enjoy the view of the mighty Mississippi. Then stopped by to see if the American Pickers were around. Her favorite trip was when she got her picture taken at the Gates of Graceland and sampled some of the best barbeque Memphis had to offer.
Patches didn't get to go to as many places as we would have liked. But the most important place she did go was straight to our hearts It is there that she will remain forever.

It has been a month and I am still heartbroken and miss her terribly.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Not Good News

Good Morning!

After my last post I really thought I could do a better job of blogging...  then we had a bad day....  Our Sweet Patches seemed to be breathing odd... so we took her to the emergency vet on Sunday June 28th and they said her chest cavity was full of fluids, so they had to keep her to drain it   -- Monday the call came in that she has T-Cell Lymphoma -- she is just 21 months old!   This doesn't even strike dogs til they are 8 - 9 years old and not even usually found in dalmatians -- so we opted to bring  her home.  She came home June 30th and it doing ok.

Long term is not good, they estimate she will be with us about 4 weeks.  We are just heartbroken.

On a better note, I did promised a picture of my latest completed UFO -- here it is  -- it is about 17 years old and was a round robin that was done from an internet group.
Back to tending to my sick girl

Happy Stitches

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Catching up!


Wow the last post I did was APRIL... time flies!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Here is a little recap of what we have done the past 2 months -- hung out in Belllevue Iowa in April -- there is Poochie and Patches over looking the mighty  Mississippi 

 I was wondering about a new name for my Pickin and sewing business It seems like everyone has a cute name.....well Introducing Patches N Pickens -- now everyone thinks Patches if for Patches our dalmatian -- it could be but I thought Patches of fabric in my quilted items! and of course Pickens from  my picked items.
Found some old wood and made this sign for my booth.  Speaking of my booth -- under my name sign is 2 pictures from the Pec Thing -- lots of neat things that I created from other peoples trash!   Love it!

Then this brings it to this weekend...Strawberry Picking!  I used to go with my mom and our neighbor Rose all the time as a kid and loved it.  SO this weekend I told Dear Hubby we were going to go ..... went today and only picked 6 containers --  Here is about 13 pounds of strawberries!   It was a great day for picking.  I will definetly do this every year.  I loved it as a kid and still love it. 
 And this afternoon so fat from 1/2 of the berries I picked I have 10 pints of strawberry jam and 7 pints of strawberry rhubarb jam.   And tomorrow after work I will be using up the rest of the berries.  These will be some nice Christmas gifts and I love homemade jam in the winter,  Just reminds me of the summer day I picked the berries..

Speaking of picking.....I went to an estate sale of a quilter and I got this 20+ yards of fabric and 8 books for $2 -- it was fill a bag day.   Unbelievable I am so happy -- I can make lots of things with this and I also got batting for $1 -- such a nice deal .  Love when you save money on things you actually use!

Well that is about it for now.  I have to take a picture of my latest UFO I completed. this month and of my Farm Girl Vintage blocks I am working on.  Hopefully this week I can update all of that!

Happy Stitches!