Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Small Project

Good Morning!

Another week gone,  but several things in the works and a few things done!   Weather still is not that nice out, I am just so anxious to get out to the garage and start painting frames and furniture for the flea market in May  -- Looks like the end of the week I can start that.

But in the mean time, I have been busy sewing -- Sherri over at A Quilting Life Blog sponsors the small project of the month - this  month was a churn dash table runner -- Since they are small projects, I am using up some of my smaller pieces of fabric  -- it is a win win   I get a nice project done and I get rid of something in my sewing room :)
Here is this months -- really like the way it turned out  It is very springy -- yellow with red hearts and then a small dot print with green and red dots.        

Just to show how much was left of the yellow print -- here are the few little pieces I had left -- I put them right in the dog bed I am stuffing with scraps.   I even had to piece the binding.

Saturday I was part of a group on Facebook -- where they were making mug rugs and little baskets -- I did  not get a good picture of the basket but here is the mug rug -- yup it matches my sewing room perfectly!
I actually made 2 -- One for me and one for my craft show box.

Sunday we went to brunch where they have lots of animals and the peacocks were eating right near the door, the colors are so vibrant on these birds.

I thought he was going to flash his feathers but no such luck.

Poochie stayed home and we made a stop at Goodwill and they are selling new pet items at the one we stopped at so -- we had to get her a treat  -- it is a rubber chicken and she loves it ALOT!

She takes it to bed and brings it down each morning -- and is very protective of h er chicken.  I just love this picture of her.

I hope your having a good week!  Thanks for stopping!
Happy Stitches

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quilt Show and A visit from an old Project


How has your week been?  Hard to believe it is Sunday night again -- these weeks just fly by.  Looks like
Spring might be here  -- well at least it was here for today --  I just heard the forecast and it looks like we have rain moving in tomorrow and it will be here most of the week. 

I did get some sewing down this week - I worked on some applique towels, but I could not get the picture loaded, I have a new camera and it is taking a bit longer to get used to it than I thought it would be.
Here is one of the Easter baskets I made up this afternoon, it is from the Sew It Magazine, it has lots
of great ideas that are simple and quick and that is always good in my book.


Saturday the Quilting and Sewing Expo was nearby so I headed over there with 5 other quilting buddies
and we spend the day oohhh and aaahhh ing over all the neat quilts -- here is a little eye candy from the show.

This is a simple 9 patch bordered,  very simple but really nice looking.
 This one was a quilt made in the 30s or 40s and was found at an Estate sale and was machine quilted -- it was beautiful.  The colors and the quilting -- I am sure the quilt maker is smiling down that her quilt got finished, finally.
They  had about 15 quilts from the 30's and 40's - that were recently discovered and completed, it was so nice to see.  

This Grandmas flower garden was also a recently completed quilt.
I just love hexies! 

This one is simply stunning -- all  tiny pieces - and it looks like it was  painted.   I will have  more to share this week.

This afternoon after we got back from fishing, where the lake was still partially frozen and we caught nothing, I think they were still hibernating, I got up to my sewing room and was looking thru a box of projects that needed some work -- it was a box I created when I revamped it in Decemeber.  I came across these Posie blocks,    I started these when my mom was first diagnosed with cancer and I worked on them at her Chemo appointments -- I started these 14 years ago -- that is right FOURTEEN years ago -- they are from a Fons and Porter magazine from  2000!  I just did the math and that is about when she was diagnosed.  I have got to get this done --  I only had 5 done and need 20 -- I have all the leaves  and flower center fused and  I just need to get some more of the petals fused  And YES I have kept the background fabric with the project, so I have plenty of that.  I am gonna finish this one this year.

The photo above is the 3 I fused today and I got one stitched during the Amazing Race -- my goal is to fuse them all and then have a great take a long project this summer.  Or a tv project.
Well that is about all for tonight.
Hope your quilting is going well!
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring is Here??


Spring arrived on Thursday and of course we had snow!    Hoping it was the last snow of the year but the weather man is predicting snow for Monday night -- not quite sure when Spring will Spring up around here.

I have been busy working on projects so the weather is not bothering me at all.

I was painting a few birdhouses this weekend I have  3 more to paint and then I will have a box out of the garage!   I have already put a few down by the creek and will put these down there by next weekend.   

Went to a friends house on Friday night and  we sewed for several hours, I got my  little gingerbread boy bound!   At least I have one next item for Christmas this year! 

I had quilted Harvey the Hare last month and was hoping to finish him when we were up north a few weeks back we were  too busy up there -- so Friday  night I put all of his buttons and his face on and he is now hung up in the entry way -- He is about a 10 year old UFO -- so glad to check him off the list -- 3rd UFo of the year -- he is a big on 21 inches x 53 inches long.

I also took my Schnibbles there and I bound this one up too!  I measures only 20 inches square but another one is done and won't be turning into a UFO.

I stayed up last night and worked on my Hospice project -- BUNS (baking up nice surprises) - they will e delivered the first week of April -- I have 3 dozen done and 9 more dozen too complete -- goal is to get them all done this week, it would be nice to be a little ahead --

Well off to bed, 4:30 comes very early!
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

National Quilting Day


Yesterday was National Quilting Day -- so I did work on a quilt challenge from Pat Sloans Facebook group -- it was the Shoo Fly block -- we were to make 20 and use our stash -- first I was going to use a variety of blues but then came across 3 fat quarters of 1 print and I thought I would use those up and all the white is various small pieces, so good to use them in something.  And the blue for the sashing I had just a 1 1/2 inch strip left -- so some pieces are totally used from my stash -- I wish I had a little more for the outer border -- I have searched my stash and found nothing that would make a final border on this quilt.   Not sure if I will keep it this size or try to find a fabric that looks nice for the final border.   I was up til after midnight working on this and cutting up some of the flannel I bought back on Black Friday for baby bibs, burp cloths and receiving blanket - it was good to reduce that stack as well.

We also went out for corn beef and cabbage, the next town over has a little dinner  that is charity type event,  we pre bought our tickets and  since it was from 11:30 - 5 -- we thought 3 would be a good time, well we got there at 3 and they were all sold out!   WOW - we have gone to this the past few years and saw an increase in attendance each year -- but never thought they would be sold out -- how depressing!   So we came home and searched the internet and found a dinner at a VFW hall about a half hour away and we headed over there when it started - we weren't missing out twice in one day!! And had a delicious dinner with dessert.

Today I had purchased a gift certificate thru a radio station for a thrift shop so we headed over there and to Goodwill -- a great way to spend a Sunday in my eyes!

At Goodwill I found this kids rocker -- for $4.99 - wait it gets better -- Furniture was 50% off !  So I walked away with this goodie for $2.50!  I am going to  paint it pink and paint some flowers on it.  Too cute!

Between both thrift shops I purchased these tin for our Garden Faire in May -- I think these will all look  cute with some plants potted in them  -- the most expensive one was the loaf pan 99 cents -- Have some great ideas for some neat planting in these.

Also got this little planter for $1.20 -- I sprayed it with clear coat when I got home and drilled some holes for drainage, did that on the metal items too. 

I did work on some things for our garden sale -- it is in May but once the weather gets nice I will be outside and in the garage painting, so I had some time this weekend  and found these little shoes when I did the over haul of  my sewing room in December, I was going to make pincushions, but I have plenty of those -- so I thought they were adorable with the hens and chicks in them.

We will be having a "Fairy Garden" demo and selling Fairy Gardens at our Garden Faire, so I painted up these little rocks as lady bugs --  I made some of these when I was at the garden center - and they were quite popular -- hopefully folks will still like them.    

We have been watching my boss' dog, he is a 5 pound Yorkie named Petey -- when he is with us the house is very busy Poochie is like a teen - likes to do her own thing and hang out with us with out a lot of comotion, well Petey on the other  hand is like a new born -- needs lots of attention and is very busy -- apparently he was a little tired and he and Poochie decided to take a nap in the sun!   What a wonderful life.
What have you been up to?

Happy Stitches!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Small Project and BOM's Update

Good Morning!

I am participating in A Quilting Lifes Small Project of the Month and our challenge this month was to create a quilt or project from this quilt block (the flower) I has this fabric for several years just waiting for the perfect project and here it is.  It is a small table topper -- perfect for the table in  our entry way.   It is a garden theme fabric -- the yellow border has little garden  trowels in it.      

Now on to the BOM's I am in ..... Here is the March Aurfil  Block -- it was very easy and a fun block to make.

Here are all 3 so far, I am liking hoe this is going.

This project if from Pat Sloans Globetrotting Project - these are the three so far we have done.

This block is called Chicago and it was Marchs BOM -- really like this one -- it went together easy and would make a great quilt.

On to the one that took me the longest about 3 hours last night -- it is Quilt Doodles block of the month - it measures 16  x 20  and it alot of 2 1/2 inch squares -- I think my tree turned out good - I was debating between greens last night and these 4 seemed to work well together.

I also quilted up this table topper and I will bind it this week during tv time -- it is a barbeque theme -- trying to get a few things done for the show in May -- it will be here before I know it  -- still too cold to paint the furniture I have collected this winter - so I will be sewing more today and hopefully next weekend it will warm up so I ca at least figure out what I have and what needs to be done.  

So what are you working on?  
Thanks for stopping by!
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Show N Tell and lots of it!


How have you been?  I have been sewing up a  storm this past weekend.  And the last 2 nights stitching on binding on table runners for fall-- really trying to be a little ahead for the fall shows!

I am participating in the Aurifill BOM  this month was the basket type block and the spool block is from January -- I purchased the fabric at a fabric estate sale last year -- it was a fat quarter bundle -- finally something to do with them!

Here is just the Feb block.  I am liking the pink and greens :)

I am also involved in the Quilt Doodles block or row of the month -- January was the row of snowman and this month is a cabin -- this is the basic cabin -- I still need to add some extras - like snow - shutters and maybe lace curtains.   Love to embellish blocks it really makes them "yours".

I have been working on some of last years Easter projects that did not get done on time,  I had the cute little bunny done, I just needed a towel and then a little embellishment of rick rack -- so darn cute and so Spring like -- hopefully someday we will have Spring!   The other one is  just a little wallhanging that I started last year -- used up a little fabric and I have a great little gift to mail out for Easter.

WOW this is a long "Show N Tell"  post -- another project of the month is the Pat Sloan Globetrotting project, the large block is the first block  (26 inches) and the smaller block is the February block.  I have never worked with red, white and grey and I am enjoying working with some new colors.

And here is my Schnibbles for the month -- it is our choice this month and this pattern came out of Carries Book -- again using a group of fat quarters that I rec'd from a friend -- I only made 4 blocks instead of the 16 for the regular size Schnibble -- but this will look great on our table this summer and I am trying to make things we can use.

And last but not least - Pat Sloan on her Quilting with Pat Sloan Facebook page has challenged us to use up some scraps  - I think this is monthly also -- not sure this just started.   The block she selected for this project was the Shoo Fly block and we are to make 20 blocks - I was going to use a variety of blues til I went into my blue bin  and found 3 fat quarters of  this blue and then I found a small piece of a perfect gold for the center square and for the white tone on tone I am using up those little pieces we save  -  I think this project going forward will really help use up some of those smaller pieces -- and my goal is to only use scraps or what I have for this group -- truly need to use up some fabric and I know I have had this fabric from 2007 -- that is what it says on the salvage     -yes I have older fabric than that too but I have to start somewhere! LOL     

And finally a picture of my girl Poochie -- this was taken the last snow storm we had a few weeks ago  around Valentines day -- she has her Valentines day bandana on!  Yes the snow was super deep -- we had since had rain and a little snow and now we are back in the below zero range!  Oh my this is so good for u s quilters to get lots done, but my oh my when will spring come! 
We did start a few seeds indoors this weekend, with hopes that spring and summer will eventually arrive!   
Thank you for visiting!  See you soon and Sew lots!

Happy Stitches!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Catching Up

Hi there!

Thought I would catch everyone up and what we have been doing the last few weeks.  Over Superbowl weekend we headed north and spent some time at the 3-bears lodge -- just love the decor there -- it is all cabiny -- this was the quilt on the bed -- love all the plaids together -- hope to make one for our bed at home.

Here is the chair it is all northwoods type stuff on the chair -- on the ottoman is some of my quilt shop purchases from that weekend.

Had a good time up there at the water park and at Lizzy's Superbowl party.

The following weekend I headed up north with the quilting bunch and we rented a house near a lake for a girls get away weekend -- this one one little project I worked on -- still need to quilt and bind but at least I am getting something ready for next Christmas -- this kit made 2 -- it was only supposed to make 1 but I will need to get some backing and another piece of wool, other than that I was able to get 2 out of the kit.      

Then my main UFO I wanted to get done -- I think this is over 10 years old is a king size rag quilt!  I got it all sewed up last weekend and this weekend I clipped all the seams and put it on the bed -- so nice to have a bright colored quilt -- because tomorrow we are getting about  3 - 5 inches of snow!  Oh my more snow!

Then this past weekend my Dear Hubby surprised me with a weekend get away to a log cabin about 1 1/2 hours away from our house -- some day we would like to own a cabin like this so it was a perfect get away -- and this cabin was adorable!

 Here is Poochie on another cabins deck they had gotten some snow last week and  you can see they got quite a bit it is almost to her tummy!

Here she is on the front porch of the cabin we had -- she loving cabin life and she also has her valentines day bandanna on -- she loves holidays!  

Tried to get her on the front porch swing, this picture is not as good as the one on my phone but she seems a little nervous about the swing. She is trooper.
Of course we went to 2 quilt shops and I got some cute kits and a few new patterns. 

We got home around 12:30 today after a nice brunch and I put everything away and did some laundry and was able to make this table runner -- I got the pattern this weekend and the red and green fabric was in a scarp bag I bought for $6.50 it had over 2 yards of moda fabric in it -- a great deal .   I had the tan fabric already so I whipped up this topper this afternoon  -- I still need to quilted and bound -- I can work on that this week,  I also worked on some more wool candle mats that need to be sewn onto the backing wool.  Plan on doing that this evening.
And of course it is back to work tomorrow :(   Gotta go and earn some more money for our next adventure.
How was your Valentine's day?

Happy Stitches!