Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Patches and Parade!

Good Morning!

Where does the time go??

It was just the end of August .....a month ago!  Oh My!

Part of where did the time right here....our new addition to the family...Introducing.

She is just turned 1 last week, she is a rescue from Houston Texas, yes we live in Northern Illinois -- an amazing group of people help transport her over Labor day weekend.  If you have  never been part of a transport, Oh my it is so over whelming the out pour of goodness in people -- it was a wonderful experience and I will definetly help an animal in need of a transport in the future.

She is fitting in nicely and is just a sweetie. This is here on her first day or so here, she was glued to that bed, it came from her original mom. 

These 2 pictures were taken just the other day.. it was a little adjustment period for Poochie - Patches thought she was the boss and we all know that Princess Poochie is the boss!   But all is well and they get along well.  In the photo about I think Patches was barking at me.  In the photo below - look at Poochie -- her face just looks like she is so happy with her new sister.

Now on to Schibbles business -- I was very lucky  in September I won the gift from Carrie, oh my talk about being over whelmed -- I recieved 2 sets of patterns and 3 layer cakes.   It is an awesome gift!  Thank you so much Carrie!

OK on to my part of the parade....since it was a very busy month I only made a Halloween table topper - that still needs to be quilted and bound -- but I just love the way it turned out I hope you like it too! 
Well off to feed my girls and get ready for work -- Happy Ocotober!!
Happy Stitches