Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good Morning

I am participating in the Sew We Quilt Stitch Me Up Blog Hop -- but this just goes to show y ou never never leave embellishing til the last minute.  I stitched up my chair a while back and  kept thinking I will embellish this when I get back from Florida -- I got back Sunday the 17 and then Monday the 18 started to feel sick and I have had an upper respiratory infection since -- been to the Dr - got some meds -- still coughing and hacking and just feeling icky -- been going to work (no sick days where I work) and then just sitting on the sofa when I get home and more coughing.

So my cute little chair that was going to be embellished with beads, and embroidery  is just as plain as can be.  I am sorry!    You can check back in a few days and hopefully it will be cuter.

In the meantime, check out the other blogs in this hop today

I am sure the eye candy will be wonderful

Thanks for stopping!
Happy Stitches

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First UFO FInish of March

Good Morning

I have not been as productive in March as I was in February -- but I did manage to finish my 2006 NYE Mystery -- I had my friend long arm quilt it and I finished the binding last night  It turned out really cute and I am giving it as a birthday gift this weekend!    

Here is the detail of the quilting, she quilted flip flops in the border -- really nice but hard to see

We will have to catch up a bit later -- I am running late for work!
Happy Stitches!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Final UFO Finish of Febraury

Good Morning!

It's another 3 day weekend for me, I am thinking I only have a few more of these left and then work will be picking up.   So I thought I better tackle my UFO's  again :)   I quilted this watermelon quilt last weekend and sewed on the binding by machine and last night I finished sewing it down by hand!    This quilt top was made in 2003 -- 10 years!   It was one of my favorite tops -- the watermelon and sunflowers are all stenciled on  -- I did the to in a class and then with a fine point sharpie we outlined each item and added detail and with that sharpie we signed our name and dated it!  How fast time flies, I knew it was some time since I created the top but 10 YEARS!   

It measures 40 x 40 so I have a few choices I can use it on our dining room table or on my quilt rack that is in our stairway  -- not sure but I am sure that I love it!  I was so afraid I would ruin it when I quilted it, but I think I actually did a good job.

I am going to work on another UFO this weekend, a bunny wallhanging and tomorrow I am meeting some friends at a quilt shop to get the next step in a challenge they are doing -- today I have to complete step 2 in order to get step 3 free :)

Happy Stitches!