Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Schnibbles, Scrap Basket and More!


Rain Rain and Rain one week and now nice weather to be outside and enjoy -- or work in the garden wich equals enjoyment!  I got this fancy geranium plant up north a couple weeks ago and finally I got to plant it in the planter right outside the front door, so I can enjoy it every day!

 The next thing I did this past weekend was get my flower boxes planted on the front porch, this year I am going with a red, white and pink color scheme.   The petunias in the front of the flower box are pink with dark veins and the ones in the back are bright pink -- I think this will fill in great.

On Sunday I had gotten this old ladder as a road  side treasure last year and I knew it was going in the garden by the creek, but I needed to paint some pots for it, so it was such a nice day on Sunday I painted these clay pots red with small yellow polka dots and screwed them into the ladder - the ladder is also secured in the ground with support stakes, to survive our winds here. The pots are about 1/2 way open so I can do a flower that mounds or trails, can't wait to get this planted this coming weekend!   One thing I did that was not the brightest, I put this all together in the driveway -- then Dear Hubby and I had to carry it down to the creek -- it got heavier as the creek got closer! 

Then I had to get some sewing done - this is the first month of the Schnibble Parade and it was the Hat Trick -- It was a combo of 20 nine patch blocks, but since the weather was so nice I only got 5 done and made a table topper, I still have to quilt it and bind it -- hoping to get that done this weekend.  It will be a nice summer topper.   So glad we are having the Schnibble group again I just love working on these patterns and seeing all he different combos of colors.
I love the pattern but because I let it go so late into the month I could not really settle on a color scheme so I am hoping to get some great ideas from the parade this month!

I did get 1 scrap block done, I found this pattern as I was looking for some fabric and I  thought this would be a good scrap project.  so Thanks Kim at Kims Big Quilting Adventur I know have 2 new projects started!

And here is a picture of Poochie withe her new ball -- now normally she gets a new toy and immediately breaks the squeaker -- well Dear Hubby and I spent about 15 minutes in the doggie toy aisle and he was determined to get this for her and I thought a tennis ball would be better for her.  It has been over a week, she takes the ball EVERYWHERE with her and yes the squeaker is still in tack!  She had some goopy eyes since last Thursday so yesterday she went to the vet and she has little cuts on both of her eyes -- must be when she is over in the forest across the creek from the house- she loves to explore -- well she is not allowed to explore a while - she is on eye drops and an antibiotic -- but she is a trooper with getting drops in her eyes, much better patient than I am when it comes to my eyes!

I better finish up this post and get to bed 4 AM comes pretty early!  Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stitches!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back to blogging and Scrap Basket Project

Good Morning!

It has been along road to recovering from 2 upper respiratory infections, 2 rounds of antibiotics and  FINALLY I am feeling beter and actually have some energy to sew.  I had seen The Scrap Basket project over at Kims Big Quilting Adventure - see the button on the side and click on over to check it out.  She is working on Scrap blocks every Sunday --  but you can work on them anytime and just post to her Mr Linky on Saturday -- I made these 2 yesterday and hope to make some more today.  I used muslin as my backing fabric and just went thru my scrap bin and sewed away.  Not sure how I will put them together, as I have a scarp bin of many colors but I will see as time goes on -- hoping to make a big dent in the scrap basket. 

The weather has been less than spring like around here -- think that is why everyone is taking super long to get over the bugs that have been going around -- last weekend - we had snow in APRIL!  Here is a picture of Poochie - even she has a look on her face like What is this??  It was warm last week??

This weekend it is in the 40's and the sun is out - so it sure seems alot nicer. 


I better get the laundry done today and get into my sewing room!

Happy Stitches!