Sunday, January 25, 2009

Such a Crazy Busy Week

Hi Everyone
What a Crazy hectic week. While DH was having his galbladder removed it seemed that the effects of laying on a cold hard table affected his back and his herniated disks have flaired up. The poor guy is pretty much only comfortable in the laying position. We tried to get to the back Dr on Wed, but he could not get out of the back of the truck where he was laying and the Dr would not come out to see him and the office suggested he go to the ER. Of course being a man he said oh no I am not going there. So home we went -- where he crawled into the house. Thursday morning, I strongly suggested a trip to ER was in order, so off we went, and they gave him an IV treatment and some meds and sent us back home, only for the pain to increase when we returned home. We now have an appointment Tuesday with a back Dr in a nearby town, so hopefully they will be able to give him an injection. He has had this before, though never as bad as this and the injections always seem to relieve the pain.
I have tried to sew 15 minutes a day and was able to do so everyday but Thursday, all I did complete 3 blocks for my BOM at the LQS. And this cute little challenge doll quilt from the Small Quilt Yahoo group. I made this yesterday. I am going to quilt a bunny wallhanging today for my UFO of the week. I will post more pictures later.

Happy Stitches

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A very Historic Day

Happy Inaguration Day to one and All

I hope this day finds you feeling very patriotic, I put my flag out this morning! I have alot of hope that this day will be the start of new beginnings and that our country will overcome many of the problems we have faced in the last few years. I don't expect to wake up tomorrow to a perfect world, but I am hopeful we will be moving closer to a better world. So no matter who you voted for, it is time for everyone in the country to come together and get this country back on track.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold Weather, Garage Sale, UFO done and new BOM

What a busy weekend, first on Friday it was another below zero day, so my boss called and said no one in the shop showed up, so he was going home, so I had the day off. I had some errands to do so mid morning, Poochie and I headed out to do some errands, and the thermometer in the truck said -4 -- A warm up from that morning and the day before. Off we went, and then we spotted it, a MOVING SALE sign, so I made a U-turn and stopped in. Poor people were moving in 2 weeks, hope it is warmer then. But I spent a whole $2 and got several good finds, I purchased several plastic shoe boxes for only 25 cents each and a pot to re-plant a violet in.
After we got back home the sewing FRENZY started. I printed off some new BOM from other blogs and here is the Christmas Wish BOM -- it is so easy and I might make another in pinks and reds for a Valentines day pillow. If you want the pattern click on the picture on the right and it will take you to the blog that it is at.

My next accomplishment was from Ellies Blog, I stitched the block and just loved it. So I made it into a small wallhanging, complete with a little sign that says "Think Snow" - and snowflake buttons -- all from my sewing room. Perfect way to use up some things. If you want this pattern click on the link to the right from Ellie's Country BOM

Saturday was BOM at a quilt shop about an hour away that about 9 of us go to, but this was a real challenge the road for a good portion of the way was drifting, but we just kept going and had a blast with our friends. I did not get my BOM done for that, we are starting a new quilt and the shop owner chose blue and white, it is pretty, but I think I will make a second block in 30's and then have a really cute quilt at the end of the year. I will post those pictures tomorrow night.
But on to my UFO's -- I completed another one!! I am so happy that is 3 for the year so far! This one is a cute Santa tablerunner -- I just love him - he will go in my Christmas box, I might keep him or he might be a gift, not sure yet. I also took a picture of just his face, that would be a cute tea towel or pillow, more ideas! OH MY!

Maybe I will make pillows for next Christmas -- he is cute!
Now it is early Sunday night and I work tomorrow so I need to tidy up a bit and then I will probably head up to my Creation Station to work on the BOM from the quilt shop, they are pretty easy.
I hope you had a great weeknd!
Happy Stitches

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dear Hubby and His Gallbladder

Good Morning
have not had a chance to write in my blog for a couple of days, Wednesday Dear Hubby had his gallbladder removed, and he spent the night in the hospital. He is home and doing fine today.
I did work on my embrodiery blocks at the hospital, but I did not get any other sewing done.
Tomorrow is our BOM up north - hopefully it will warm up, the tempeture this morning is -20 without the wind chill.
Off to the sewing room to get something done, pictures will be up tomorrrow.

Happy Stitches

Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowman Pancakes and Valentines day projects

Good Morning! Yesterday morning with all the snow we had, Dear Hubby made the cutest snowman pancakes, how can you not like snow when it is as cute as this!

I was looking around the internet for a freebie for Valentines day and I found a wallhanging pattern for this, I need to make one more heart, but I thought I would show you what I worked on yesterday, it is quick and easy, if you would like to try it check out this blog:
I was also trying to crochet the perfect heart for a dishcloth, so far not much success, but here are 2 of the patterns I have tried. I want the roundness of the smaller heart, but I would like it bigger like the pink heart. I will keep working on finding a pattern for the perfect heart.

I am off to get ready for work. Remember to sew 15 mintues today!
Happy Stitches

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow, Deer and Sewing

Hello! We have had about 9 or more inches of snow between last night and this afternoon. It finally has stopped snowing and our driveway I think has been cleaned for the last time today.
I know this picture is a little out of wack, but you can see the deer drinking from the creek in the backyard. We had 7 deer visit us just minutes ago.

If you look to the left side of this picture you can see a couple deer.
This is just a picture of the backyard with the wonderful snow! I just love it, it was snowing and I was sewing, a wonderful day!

And of course what UFO do you select to finish today, a snowman table runner of course! This is UFO #2 COMPLETE!!! And I was doing a happy dance! Finished binding this while Dear Hubby was watching the football game.

I was working on some other sewing projects today also, I will post them tomorrow, they are Valentines day related!
Happy Stitches

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Penny Pocket

Here is my first attempt at the Penny Pocket - it was very easy! It would be cute hanging on a door knob for Valentines day. I am going to make some more for some of my quilting friends.
Have you sewn for 15 minutes today yet? I have I worked on more happy blocks for the Stashbuilder group, now I need to get ready for work!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A quick and Easy Project

Hi blogland!

I was just surfing the internet for something quick and easy to make tonight and I came across this penny pocket pattern
I am going to try to make a couple tonight in valentine fabrics and I will post in the morning.
Yesterday I did not have a chance to post, was working out at my moms old house with Dear Hubby, we got several things done. And then made spaghetti when we got back home. I sewed on Happy Blocks for my stashbuilder Yahoo group last night.

Off to work on Penny Pockets

Monday, January 5, 2009

First UFO Completed!

Good Morning!
I did not get a chance to Blog this weekend, we were just too darn busy. Saturday Dear Hubby and I were out working on my moms old house, we got the rest of the drywall up on ceiling -- we only have a few more walls to do and drywall will be complete. I will post pictures once this undertaking is complete!
When we got back home Saturday night, I belong to Pat Sloans Yahoo group and she had challenged us to make a bag that was featured on the All People Quilt website. Here is a picture of the snowman bag I made. I just love it. Perfect for this time of year. Click here for the free pattern.

Sunday we stayed home and I de-Christmas'd the house -- thank goodness for snowman, they are still up and make the house look a little cheery this time of year. I think next weekend I am going to put out my valentine's day decorations. So here is my first UFO of they year! I quilted and bound it yesterday! I just love it.

I also did get steps 7 and 8 done of the New Years Eve Mystery Quilt complete. So my goals were successfully met this weekend. Shew!
Have a wonderful Day

Friday, January 2, 2009

UFO's - No time like the Present

Good Morning!
There is no time like the present to start working on my UFO's! So today I picked out this Valentine table runner -- it needs to be quilted and bound -- that sure does sound easy enough. I made the top last January at a girls weekend getaway -I have such fond memories I have of that weekend when I look at this tablerunner. Well I better get moving on it, I have to work this afternoon.

Below is a picture of the New Years Eve Mystery quilt that I am still working on, I am a member of Quilt-Talk a yahoo group and that is where I got the clues from. This is the 5th year I have done this, almost always got the top done on NYE, but this year I had to work so I am behind I am on clue 6 -- I am right now sizing up 96 HST, it is a job that just overwhelms me. My goal for today, get the table runner quilted and get step 6 done.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Happy Stitches

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and Welcome to my Blog!

Hi ! Happy New Year!
Welcome to my blog! This will track my journey thru life in 2009. Hopefully it will be interesting and fun.
To get to know me a bit better I have posted some photos from my sewing room. You will hear hopefully alot about my quilting progress, as I have over 107 UFO's to work on this year. I also have a etsy shop that I sell handmade items at, it is called Dotspincushion at I love to hit garage sales and thrift shops, so you will hear about those journeys. I am sure Dear Hubby will also make 2009 interesting and I will share those stories. And of course tales from my tails! Since they did develope the name of my blog: Paws for Stitching
Happy Stitches

Here is my Sewing Center
Here is my ironing center

107 + UFO's!!!

The Door to my Creation Station