Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow, Deer and Sewing

Hello! We have had about 9 or more inches of snow between last night and this afternoon. It finally has stopped snowing and our driveway I think has been cleaned for the last time today.
I know this picture is a little out of wack, but you can see the deer drinking from the creek in the backyard. We had 7 deer visit us just minutes ago.

If you look to the left side of this picture you can see a couple deer.
This is just a picture of the backyard with the wonderful snow! I just love it, it was snowing and I was sewing, a wonderful day!

And of course what UFO do you select to finish today, a snowman table runner of course! This is UFO #2 COMPLETE!!! And I was doing a happy dance! Finished binding this while Dear Hubby was watching the football game.

I was working on some other sewing projects today also, I will post them tomorrow, they are Valentines day related!
Happy Stitches

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snipnsew said...

Way to go Dorothy! doesn't it feel good to get them done? It is especially appropriate for your snowy day. Keep up the good work.