Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Good Morning! Happy Halloween!!

We are almost ready for the big day here at our house. We get over 150 little trick or treaters, so the goodie bags are packed, the yard is almost done, just a few lights need to be adjusted and a few pumpkins need to be decorated.

Lucky for us - the next town over has a HUGE Pumpkin Fest - I think it is over 40 years old this festival and it was an awesome day yesterday to go and check things out.....

Here is a house about a block from the festival.... awesome!

Here is another house just 2 doors down from the house above. Really neat decorations!

And now on to the pumpkin show..... folks from all over enter their pumpkins -decorated to win prizes. Each school kid in the area decorates a pumpkin, the courthouse lawn is filled with hundreds of is an awesome event.
These are my top picks...

Strawberry milkshake and a burger (click on any picture to enlarge)

Pumpkin Horror house...see the libbeys can on the bottom YIKES!!!

This years theme was pumpkins across America this flag is awesome!

This is really neat a giraffe eating, some people have such great imagination.
This is the Pumkin Beauty contest, like Miss America only Miss Pumkin.. too cute!

A cow, since we do live in farm country!

Speaking of dairy, you need your 3 dairys a day, chocolate, strawbery and vanilla - what a yummy banana split.
And now for the favorite pumpkin picked by me........
A sewing girl pumpkin! Such creativity.. I just love it.
Well off to finish my pumpkins and I will post a few pictures of that tomorrow.
Happy Stitches!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Little of this and a Little of That

Good Morning

How are you today?

I worked most of yesterday in the Creation Station and only accomplished this simple little bid for my neices baby.

I hope to have more pictures soon of things I am working on, I got alot done but like the title says a little of this project and then a little of that project. And I cleaned up my sewing table so that is always a bonus to free up some space.
It has been so windy here the last few days -- today not so windy but only 45 degrees and I have to dig up my geraniums today....Brrrr.. But I don't want them to freeze tonight and a hard freeze is headed our way.
Well back to the Creation Station for me....hope you are having a great day!
Happy Stitches!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wind Wind and more Wind!

Good Morning!

How have you been? Hope your weekend was good. Mine did not go as planned I wanted to do the farmers market / flea market with my crafts and some other stuff I wanted to sell, but it rained! So I ended up sewing a little bit and then helped Hubby on a project. Then for dinner we went to a German Octoberfest. MMMM...very good food.

I did do a craft show on Sunday but it was very windy and rainy part of the day so attendance was down and so were sales :( But I did the show with a good friend so it was good to catch up and I stitched the entire day. So it was a fun day anyways.

Monday I ran errands for dear hubby all day - except for when I went to the garden center and loaded up on pumpkins! I did a bit of outside decorating on Monday but the wind has arrived and I need to redo some things tomorrow when this wind passes!

Yesterday I did manage to actually accomplish it is..... I have more cut out but this is all I got totally completed. Turned out cute I think, it is a potholder/oven mitt. Fun to make and pretty easy.

I am off to sew today and hopefully this windy weather will end tonight and we can get back to normal on Thursday.

Happy Stitches

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Late Friday Night


It is late Friday night and I have been sewing away. I just let the dogs out and I thought I would give you a sneek peak at my Pagini quilt top. I have limited charm packs and am really trying to use what I have so I had a package of Thimbleberrie fat quarters, so I made my own charms and this is how it turned out. I really like it. I still need to quilt it by Nov 1 for Le Petite Projects.

What have you got planned this weekend. I think if it does not rain tomorrow I am heading to the flea market/farmers market and sell some of my crafts and then I am in a craft show on Sunday. Busy weekend but hopefully profitable.
Work for me ended this week, tomorrow is the last day the garden center will be open and the owner is going to work. That is really ok, I have a few craft shows I need to get more things made for and I have a cold so being outside when it has been a little cooler this not something I was looking forward to.
Well off to cut a few more pieces of batting and then off to bed.
Happy Stitches

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Toy for our House

Good Morning

Well Hubby loves popcorn, I mean LOVES POPCORN and has it almost every night. So when the Farm and Fleet flyer came out this past week there was no doubt in my mind we were getting a new toy.

He saw this small commercial looking popcorn popper in the ad, he just about counted the minutes til the sale started. He went to the first store and they were SOLD OUT! OH MY GOSH! So he flew over to the other Farm and Fleet - I am sure he made it in record time and got the last one! He was thrilled! Much like we are when we finally find the perfect peice of fabric :)

Now he was sick with a cold and just could not muster up the energy to give it a try, but luckily for everyone his cold is getting better and last night was the big night!

So here is our new toy - that was just turned on and hubby waiting with great anticipation for the first kernel to pop!

AWWW We have success!!

And here it is all popped in about 4 minutes! Doesn't look like much but then we made another batch and we really had too much, so 1 batch is plenty. What do they say about Boys and their toys :)

I did make some progress on my Schnibbles Pagini - I have almost all the blocks done, in fact that is what I am going to finish today, so look for some quilty show and tell tomorrow.

Happy Stitches

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Wednesday!


How are you today?

After I worked the weekend and Monday I have had Tuesday and today off. So I should have sewed up a storm, right? Well this is all I have a photo of, it is an apron for the Garden Club District meeting on Thursday, it is for the lady who will be selling the raffle tickets. That is all I have completed!!

Well I guess that is not true, I have made 7 dog beds for the animal shelter, back in July when we had my family come in -- I cleaned out our closet -- all the shirts that no longer fit hubby or were mustard stained or had asphalt stains on them I tossed into a HUGE BLACK GARBAGE Bag -- It was stuffed!! So that was back in July! So yesterday I managed to use 1/2 of what was in the bag to stuff the dog beds, I shred the shirts with my rotary cutter down to 1 -2 inch wide strips. I still have 1/2 of the HUGE garbage bag left to use, so hopefully I can complete this by Friday and run over to the shelter. It is a great way to use up scraps etc. I also have a pet bed on my ironing board (I attach it with a safety pin) and then as I trim up blocks etc, I toss it in the bed and in no time I have a bed stuffed and ready. I usually wait til I have about 20 beds and then make me run over there. It really helps out the shelter and what they don't use for pets there they sell at different festivals for money for dog food. I also think people who adopt can pick a bed if they like.

I am also working on my Pagini Schnibbles quilt, I am just squaring up my 1/2 square triangles to 4 inches.

Other than that just doing a bit of straightening and tidying up in the Creation Station too.

Off to get back to sewing!
Happy Stitches

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew In - Here is what I worked on

Good Morning!

Did you get alot done at the Friday night sew in last night? I sure feel like I did. First I completed another little Halloween treat bag. Cute little Frankenstein on the front of it. I keep making these from scraps in my fall/halloween fabric tote. Earlier this week I even made a larger one to hold a gift for garden club. They are so easy, you gotta try them. I am going to start making some for Christmas for gift cards.

Then I had gotten an email regarding the Little Dresses for Africa program - where you use a pillowcase to make little girls dresses, I thought it sounded interesting and I would give it a try.
Thursday I was off and had to run some errands, while out I found a fabulous garage sale! And they had some king size pillowcases in perfect condition for 25 cents each, so I purchased 3. And I already had the bias tape that you need for the arms, so for 75 cents I made 3 little dresses that just turned out so cute. Oh and I did have the rick rack in my stash too.

This one is yellow with pink ties and pink rick rack, they wear them like little sundresses.

And here are the 2 blue ones I completed!

You can also make them from fabric too, but these took under an hour each to complete. Wanna try it.. go to and get the pattern.
Off to work today!
Happy Stitches!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Good Morning

I am working today and then I will come home and warm up the beef stew I made yesterday, and then off to my Creation Station and get busy because.......IT IS FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN!

Click on the link on my side bar and join us!

Yesterday I was off but too busy outside, cleaned out the garden and mowed the lawn and it was a bit chilly yesterday so I made beef stew, hubby had surprised me and picked up a pizza, so we had that and tonight is beef stew - even better today since it will be only in the low 60's today and windy.

Off to get ready for work....see you tonight at the sew in!
Happy Stitches

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A little Eye Candy


I promised you some more pictures of what I have working on here they are....

I signed up to be an angel in the Posey Applique needle case swap, so I had this one almost done I finished it up and am going to the PO right after I post here.

I love Halloween and Fall and this is from a pattern from Buttermilk Basin and I just tied the last note the other day -- now this afternoon I can border it and decide pillow or wall hanging....

I used some BOO fabric from an old Thimbleberries line...never had used a print for a stitchery before I think it turned out pretty nice.

I saw on someone blog, some cards, and she just stripped pieced them, but I thought I might like to try something a bit different so here is version 1. I did like the rick rack, because I could not remember where I saw the idea I did not know how to finish the edges, and the rick rack worked great and I have a ton of it. The package I used I got from a garage sale some time ago, the price on the package from the manufacturer was 39 cents!

And here is one at an angle. Really fun to do. It is like paper piecing. And Quick and Easy.

I did purchase the Fall Quilts and More Magazine, I am trying to cut back, as I have so many magazines but this one had several ideas I liked. So here is the treat bag from that magazine.
You can also get the pattern from - kinda makes me wonder why I bought the magazine, but it does have other projects I would like to try.

The mail lady just left and while I was posting this blog I ran down to see if my pattern I ordered on ebay on Friday arrived and it did!!! I am in Le Petite Project group this year, they did the Schnibble a month last year and seeing all the great projects I signed up this year, so the first project that needs to be done by Nov 1 is Pagini Schnibble -and after searching several shops around here and no one had it - I decided to order on line - and it was only $5.50 and that included shipping. SO I think for the next projects for that group I will just order on line and save the gas and trouble.
I am off to the PO and then back home to whip up the Pagini quilt.
Happy Stitches!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day

Good Afternoon!

After my little camera continued to give me fits, I just got back from Walmart with a new cord and I am back in business. What a deal $15 and I have a plug in for 5 different types of cameras, now if I would have just bought the 1 I need I would have paid $24 at Radio Shack - so Yes I bought the variety pack and of course have many more than I need but I saved $9.

Fall is here, but no one has alerted Mother Nature yet, it was in the 80's this past weekend and it is about 76 today, I am not complaining but it is a very nice Indian Summer.

Here is a picture of our Sugar Maple in the front yard, he is only 8 years old but gives such wonderful colors in the fall - he is Dear Hubbys favorite treee.

I was in Potholder Pass #4 and these are the great potholders I rec'd from Karen, I just love the fabrics and she was kind enough to send some extra fabrics so I have to find something to do with them. They are just so cute!

I told you in a previous post that I was doing a Mystery Quilt with our BOM group and this was clue 1. I have a stack of pink and browns so I thought I would make myself a pink and brown quilt. I have rec'd step 2 and 3 last week at the club meeting but have not started it.
Yesterday I spend a few hours in the creation station and cleaned off the cutting table so I am ready to sew today. But I did not get up til 7 wich is really late for me and then Dear Hubby wanted me to boil some pork for tamales so I did that and had to be in the kitchen area so keep an eye on them, so I did some laundry and then I ran up to Walmart. A great day for a ride and boy the dogs just loved being the car with me.

Now I have my camera fixed, I am going to make spaghetti for diner, so I have a fews hours to sew and that is where I am headed my Creation Station.

Look for more pictures tomorrow.

Happy Stitches!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10-10-10

Good Morning

It took Dear Hubby about 4 hours yesterday to work on my camera and connection to the computer and FINALLY he was successful! So I can now share some photos:

Here is the garden center where I work, this is the famous Pumpkin Hut! I just love it - we have pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, straw bales, you name it we got it. Such a fun place to be in the fall.

Speaking of pumpkins, here is a pumkin coaster I made from just some scraps, I had listed in a previous post where you could get the free pattern, so simple and so easy.

I belong to the Quilted Table Runner Yahoo Group and we had a Pumpkin Wall Hanging Swap, here is the one I made and sent. This is a free pattern from P.S. I Quilt - I have 5 others made I just need to quilt. Such a simple pattern it was easy to get addicted :)

Here is the wonderful Wall Hanging I rec'd. I just love it and I have it hanging in my entry way.

Thank you so much Cheri! Also thank you for all the goodies, I guess I did not get that photo uploaded. oopps!

And here is the potholder set and towel I sent out for Potholder Pass 4 - Aqua and Red were the choices of the gal I got, I thought OK, and then when I made these I thought WOW I really love these colors together! I am going to have to make something for me with them. That is why I love swaps, it really challenges you sometimes to make items from colors that you might not think go the best together and when you are done, the results can really amaze you.

I still have more photos to upload so I will be posting alot more frequently than I have been. Work is slowing down and only a few more weeks at the Garden Center and then I will be back in my sewing room full time. I love my job but I also look forward to this time of year, my "me time" of the year.

Have a great day!

Happy Stitches