Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Good Morning

I am working today and then I will come home and warm up the beef stew I made yesterday, and then off to my Creation Station and get busy because.......IT IS FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN!

Click on the link on my side bar and join us!

Yesterday I was off but too busy outside, cleaned out the garden and mowed the lawn and it was a bit chilly yesterday so I made beef stew, hubby had surprised me and picked up a pizza, so we had that and tonight is beef stew - even better today since it will be only in the low 60's today and windy.

Off to get ready for work....see you tonight at the sew in!
Happy Stitches


Sara said...

Besides, beef stew always tastes better the second day!!!

simonepatch said...

oi,estou te seguindo.Beijos


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