Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Toy for our House

Good Morning

Well Hubby loves popcorn, I mean LOVES POPCORN and has it almost every night. So when the Farm and Fleet flyer came out this past week there was no doubt in my mind we were getting a new toy.

He saw this small commercial looking popcorn popper in the ad, he just about counted the minutes til the sale started. He went to the first store and they were SOLD OUT! OH MY GOSH! So he flew over to the other Farm and Fleet - I am sure he made it in record time and got the last one! He was thrilled! Much like we are when we finally find the perfect peice of fabric :)

Now he was sick with a cold and just could not muster up the energy to give it a try, but luckily for everyone his cold is getting better and last night was the big night!

So here is our new toy - that was just turned on and hubby waiting with great anticipation for the first kernel to pop!

AWWW We have success!!

And here it is all popped in about 4 minutes! Doesn't look like much but then we made another batch and we really had too much, so 1 batch is plenty. What do they say about Boys and their toys :)

I did make some progress on my Schnibbles Pagini - I have almost all the blocks done, in fact that is what I am going to finish today, so look for some quilty show and tell tomorrow.

Happy Stitches


Brandie said...

Oh, I feel for you! My Hubby also bought one of those machines and whenever he makes a batch, my kitchen suffers. What a mess, the dog doesn't even clean up the mess! Hopefully your Hubby is a cleaner popper.

Sara said...

Oh, I actually like your hubby's new toy! I love popcorn!!!