Monday, February 28, 2011

February Le Petite Project!


It is late tonight but I just wanted to put up my Sweet Spot Le Petite project for the month.
I am kinda at a stand still here, I am out of background fabric, so I am thinking a small yellow inner border and then a piano key border. What do you think?

Off to bed!
Happy Stitches

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing Hazel Lillian

Good Morning!!

Yesterday was a fantastic day! I went to my 2 favorite thrift shops, found a few things but my best find was when I had forgot to get dishwashing soap, so hubby told me to run into Schunks (a grocery store about 1/2 hour from we live) And it is right next to the Goodwill store we had just been at. So I said OK -- I saw some posters on the Community Bulletin board there and then I saw it......It was a handwritten sign... Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine $60 - and a phone number so I took it off the board and thought I will call and most likely it doesn't work or it is not a featherweight. When I got out to the car, hubby said give her a call and we will go look at it. We called the lady and she lived just a few minutes from the store, so we headed over there, she was so nice and she had sent her daughter down to the basement to get the machine. When the daughter arrived in the kitchen the case was like brand new, and when the lady opened it up, I had to hold back the excitement -- because I am sure something was wrong with it, NOPE she plugged it in and it sewed like a champ, it had been serviced recently because the test fabric was still under the needle and she was absolutely a beautiful featherweight!!

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to.....Hazel Lillian -- Little Lil as we call her.....

Her birthday is June 18 1948 - but she is a party girl, her and I stayed up and sewed til 1:30 last night and she was not even tired when I told her it time for bed!!!

She came with a wonderful case and all kinds of feet and accessories and even the mnaual.

I did talk to the lady I purchased her from and she told me she was her grandmothers machine and then her aunt used her for awhile but she had another machine and this one was just collecting dust!! I told her most of my friends had featherweights and she said, I hope they did not pay what I saw them going for on Ebay..... that is just too much money for an old machine! She also had advertised her on the radio shopping show out here for $120 and got no calls, and in fact the ad was up at the grocery store for a week, and today she was going to head over and take it down!

I told her I would take good care of her grandmothers machine and I am sure sthat her grandmother is smiling down to find out somene who is going to use her has her.

So on days like yesterday you either have to believe in fate or being in the right place at the right time.

Last night I was working on Le Petite Project, Me and Little Lil got all on the flying geese completed.

And earlier this week I got all the stars done, now today I will put them together and get this quilt top completed. It is going to be bright, I am using my stash and I had this great background and I was able to use up some brights I had in a bin. Can't wait to get it done - another grey and gloomy day so a bright quilt is always fun to work on - on a day like today.

For all you baseball fans, today is a happy / sad day, it is the first day of Spring Training games on the radio...and for us Cub fans we have a new voice to listen to, Ron Santo passed away in early December and I just loved listening to him with his side kick Pat Hughs - today Ron will only be with us in spirit as Keith Mooreland becomes Pat's new sidekick. Happy to have baseball back on and a sure sign of spring, but sure will miss good ol number 10.
Happy Stitches!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mug Rug Swap!! And Mystery Quilt Update

Good Morning!

Finally a few minutes to blog.... this work thing has got to change... it eats away at my free time!! LOL!

I did get more blocks done for the mystery quilt I showed over the weekend, these are the corner blocks - I love fabrics!

I am not sure where these go, the pattern did not say. I still have part 8 to do which is 6 bocks so I should get those done this week. I am working on the Le Petite Project, another schnibble pattern that is taking more time than I thought, but it is turning out great! Something different for me, I am using a small multi color polka dot for the background and brights for the stars. Hopefully I will have some pictures to show you soon of that.

NOW on to the Mug Rug Swap from Quilting Gallery, OH MY GOSH! I sure was one lucky lady in this swap. This is the flower mug rug! I just love it!! So bright and cheery (did I mention we are going to get 5 inches of snow tonight) I really needed some brightness in my day!!

And this is the Chicken Mug Rug I rec'd. This is on my island in my kitchen. It matches my other chickens in my kitchen!

And Judy also sent me some flavored teas....mmmm.. the all have delicious names can't wait to try them. Thank you So Much Judy!!

Well it is that time of the day....time to get ready for work, I was hoping to get some sewing done this morning, but I spend too much time on Facebook Farming!! OH BOY!!

Since I am working and it is a temp job, I am stitching at lunch and I have now finished all of Gail Pans Christmas embroidery blocks from last year. So I guess work is not so I am going to take some hexagons to work on....It passes the time on breaks and lunch!
Have a great day and I hope to have some more progress to report tomorrow!
Happy Stitches

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew in and More!!


It has been a few days since I have blogged!! Been busy at work and I have not gotten much done, but last night was Friday Night Sew in and I was a busy girl!!

I have block 2 complete from Little Miss Shabby's block of the month. I really never use a colored background and I must admit I am really liking this yellow background. Have you ever tried a colored background?

Today was our BOM and we rec'd clue 8 for our mystery quilts, here is mine, I completed clue 5 last night, the next few clues are making blocks and not assembling anything so it will be neat when we get assembly info. I am really liking this quilt for 2 reasons, first I love the pink and brown combo and second everything is from my stash so it is like a free quilt!!

Hope all is going good with you and I am going to sew some more tonight and hope I have more to report tomorrow!
Happy Stitches!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

BRRRR!! It is -15 Degrees this morning!

Good Morning!

WOW is it cold this morning -15 here without the wind chill! BRRR!! I want to show you the potholders I rec'd from Micci from the Potholder Pass on Flickr. I just love them, they match our new kitchen color nicely!! So bright, they remind me of spring, not sure when it will get here, I sure hope in the next few months!!!

This is such a fun back she put on the potholders, they are flies!! too cute! My hubby has a thing with flies he just hates them so that makes these so much more special.

TAAA...DAAAA.... I finally finished my Valentines Day quilt!! I sewed the blocks together last week, quilted it on Sunday and finished the binding last night. It is so bright - perfect to brighten up the house this time of year.

I really had a fun time quilting it, I quilted a heart (freehand) in the center of each block and then I quilted hearts all along the outside border and I quilted the word LOVE once on each outer border! I think if you click and enlarge the photo below you can see the word.

Today is Thursday I have worked so far 3 days this week and this is day 4, I think Hubby misses me a bit - since he is still home all day, but every night I have come home to a delish dinner, last night was salmon with tereaki sauce, and he made chedder biscuits like at Red Lobster mmm..good. He is such a terrific cook.
Back to work for me today, it is a fun job and the time flies -- I have been stitching at lunch on my embrodiery block from little miss shabby -- I think I will finish it up today.
I better get moving so I can get to work today!
Happy Stitches

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday


Well is it like a national Holiday at your house? It is at our house. Hubby has been cooking all day for the game tonight! We are having a Mexican Fiesta, fajitas, salsa and who knows what else he is making.
Well while he was doing that I got my valentine quilt all quilted up and I will bind it tonight during the game.

I will post photos tomorrow. I got a part time job that also starts tomorrow, I sure hope it doesn't cramp my quilting time!!!

Happy Stitches!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Some Snowy Progress

Good Morning!

How is the weather in you area? Are you in one of the blizzard states? Well yesterday I had to run up and return a Red Box video and the roads were still not the greatest. One of the drifty parts of the main road was only a lane and 1/2 so I decided to just return the video and head back home and sew.

I was in a group that exchanged happy blocks monthly so these have been in my UFO pile for a few years, I got the tops made yesterday and I hope to get them quilted and bound this weekend. You guessed it...more snow and very cold predicted for the weekend, so a great weekend to stay in and sew.

This is the Valentine quilt, I was so happy when I cleaned up my UFO's the other week that I found the fabric for the border so it was all together when I wanted to work on it yesterday. Such a nice feeling, no digging! This is just lap size but cheery looking!

And this one is a baby quilt... I think it turned out cute and again the borders from my stash!

I have to work on the laundry a bit today so that might slow me down, but I am sure I will make some progress! I just have to work on these and not pull anything else out....that is hard!!
Happy Stitches

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Good Morning!

WOW what a great couple of days we have had here, well that is if you like I mean LOVE snow!
And I do! It started snowing Tuesday and continued til sometimes yesterday. We got well over 20 inches of snow and it is AWESOME!

You might remember this chair from my header on my blog in the summer it had the patriotic quilt over it. Well this is what it looked like yesterday. And it sits on my front porch, that is covered. I think I am going to make this into a card, the picture is kind a pretty.

Here is by our garage -- took us awhile to clear this out. But it was fun! Hubby doesn't find the same joy in the snow as I do, he looks at it as work. But it is so beautiful, how can it get it down. Our backyard is well over 3 feet and some places 4 feet deep, but I had to go down and feed the birds and squirrels, hubby says if you fall in the yard I will get you in the spring! So knowing he was looking out the window, I fell down and made a snow angel!! Luckily I was able to make it up and get back in the house. This winter is just too much fun!!

I did make some other projects at the retreat, these are a couple of mug rugs I made - I am in the Mug Rug swap from Quilting Gallery. I am not sure if I am swapping these or making more
these darn things are so addictive and fun to make -- being quick and easy also helps!

This green fabric with the flowers I purchased a resale/consignment shop here in town the other day and I got a 1/2 yard for 75 cents, I think that was a good deal!

I hope if you are in the path of the blizzard you stay safe... and enjoy maybe an extra day off in the sewing room!
I am going to sew up a storm today...check back tomorrow for a finish or 2!
Happy Stitches