Thursday, February 10, 2011

BRRRR!! It is -15 Degrees this morning!

Good Morning!

WOW is it cold this morning -15 here without the wind chill! BRRR!! I want to show you the potholders I rec'd from Micci from the Potholder Pass on Flickr. I just love them, they match our new kitchen color nicely!! So bright, they remind me of spring, not sure when it will get here, I sure hope in the next few months!!!

This is such a fun back she put on the potholders, they are flies!! too cute! My hubby has a thing with flies he just hates them so that makes these so much more special.

TAAA...DAAAA.... I finally finished my Valentines Day quilt!! I sewed the blocks together last week, quilted it on Sunday and finished the binding last night. It is so bright - perfect to brighten up the house this time of year.

I really had a fun time quilting it, I quilted a heart (freehand) in the center of each block and then I quilted hearts all along the outside border and I quilted the word LOVE once on each outer border! I think if you click and enlarge the photo below you can see the word.

Today is Thursday I have worked so far 3 days this week and this is day 4, I think Hubby misses me a bit - since he is still home all day, but every night I have come home to a delish dinner, last night was salmon with tereaki sauce, and he made chedder biscuits like at Red Lobster mmm..good. He is such a terrific cook.
Back to work for me today, it is a fun job and the time flies -- I have been stitching at lunch on my embrodiery block from little miss shabby -- I think I will finish it up today.
I better get moving so I can get to work today!
Happy Stitches

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Quilty bird said...

Those pot holders are very pretty. Makes me want to whip up some for myself!

I like your Valentine quilt too! Someday, I will have a quilt for every holiday (I hope).