Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mug Rug Swap!! And Mystery Quilt Update

Good Morning!

Finally a few minutes to blog.... this work thing has got to change... it eats away at my free time!! LOL!

I did get more blocks done for the mystery quilt I showed over the weekend, these are the corner blocks - I love fabrics!

I am not sure where these go, the pattern did not say. I still have part 8 to do which is 6 bocks so I should get those done this week. I am working on the Le Petite Project, another schnibble pattern that is taking more time than I thought, but it is turning out great! Something different for me, I am using a small multi color polka dot for the background and brights for the stars. Hopefully I will have some pictures to show you soon of that.

NOW on to the Mug Rug Swap from Quilting Gallery, OH MY GOSH! I sure was one lucky lady in this swap. This is the flower mug rug! I just love it!! So bright and cheery (did I mention we are going to get 5 inches of snow tonight) I really needed some brightness in my day!!

And this is the Chicken Mug Rug I rec'd. This is on my island in my kitchen. It matches my other chickens in my kitchen!

And Judy also sent me some flavored teas....mmmm.. the all have delicious names can't wait to try them. Thank you So Much Judy!!

Well it is that time of the day....time to get ready for work, I was hoping to get some sewing done this morning, but I spend too much time on Facebook Farming!! OH BOY!!

Since I am working and it is a temp job, I am stitching at lunch and I have now finished all of Gail Pans Christmas embroidery blocks from last year. So I guess work is not so I am going to take some hexagons to work on....It passes the time on breaks and lunch!
Have a great day and I hope to have some more progress to report tomorrow!
Happy Stitches

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Judy D said...

I'm so glad you like your mug rugs. :) Love the colors in your blocks. I love mysteries!
And yes, that darn Facebook and the games! I'm a Zuma Blitz junkie!