Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing Hazel Lillian

Good Morning!!

Yesterday was a fantastic day! I went to my 2 favorite thrift shops, found a few things but my best find was when I had forgot to get dishwashing soap, so hubby told me to run into Schunks (a grocery store about 1/2 hour from we live) And it is right next to the Goodwill store we had just been at. So I said OK -- I saw some posters on the Community Bulletin board there and then I saw it......It was a handwritten sign... Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine $60 - and a phone number so I took it off the board and thought I will call and most likely it doesn't work or it is not a featherweight. When I got out to the car, hubby said give her a call and we will go look at it. We called the lady and she lived just a few minutes from the store, so we headed over there, she was so nice and she had sent her daughter down to the basement to get the machine. When the daughter arrived in the kitchen the case was like brand new, and when the lady opened it up, I had to hold back the excitement -- because I am sure something was wrong with it, NOPE she plugged it in and it sewed like a champ, it had been serviced recently because the test fabric was still under the needle and she was absolutely a beautiful featherweight!!

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to.....Hazel Lillian -- Little Lil as we call her.....

Her birthday is June 18 1948 - but she is a party girl, her and I stayed up and sewed til 1:30 last night and she was not even tired when I told her it time for bed!!!

She came with a wonderful case and all kinds of feet and accessories and even the mnaual.

I did talk to the lady I purchased her from and she told me she was her grandmothers machine and then her aunt used her for awhile but she had another machine and this one was just collecting dust!! I told her most of my friends had featherweights and she said, I hope they did not pay what I saw them going for on Ebay..... that is just too much money for an old machine! She also had advertised her on the radio shopping show out here for $120 and got no calls, and in fact the ad was up at the grocery store for a week, and today she was going to head over and take it down!

I told her I would take good care of her grandmothers machine and I am sure sthat her grandmother is smiling down to find out somene who is going to use her has her.

So on days like yesterday you either have to believe in fate or being in the right place at the right time.

Last night I was working on Le Petite Project, Me and Little Lil got all on the flying geese completed.

And earlier this week I got all the stars done, now today I will put them together and get this quilt top completed. It is going to be bright, I am using my stash and I had this great background and I was able to use up some brights I had in a bin. Can't wait to get it done - another grey and gloomy day so a bright quilt is always fun to work on - on a day like today.

For all you baseball fans, today is a happy / sad day, it is the first day of Spring Training games on the radio...and for us Cub fans we have a new voice to listen to, Ron Santo passed away in early December and I just loved listening to him with his side kick Pat Hughs - today Ron will only be with us in spirit as Keith Mooreland becomes Pat's new sidekick. Happy to have baseball back on and a sure sign of spring, but sure will miss good ol number 10.
Happy Stitches!


Judy D said...

How lucky you are! I love my little girl! Love your star and flying geese.

pansylovr said...

Congrats on finding Little Lil. I found one of these treasures a few years ago for $25 but I think they are the very best for piecing with and you will absolutely love her.

On the Ron front, I share your sorrow but hope that with Ron rooting us on from the Heavens, this could be the Cubs year...Yes, I'm one of those-a diehard Cub Fan!
Anna, also in IL

Joan J said...

I am SO jealous! I am looking for one, and I hope I have some of your luck! Lucky machine and lucky lady!


Nann said...

What a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime deal! I love her name. Sounds as though she's right at home with you.

Britt-Inger said...

You are a very lucky girl. I have also two FW, Henrietta named after my great grandmother and Aunt Martha the more luxery FW 222, named after Henrietta´s sister, who worked with sewing garnments and clothes to the local people in a small village in the south of Sweden.
I hope that you and Hazel Lillian will have several cozy night parties sewing together
Hugs from Sweden

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

Congrats on your new FW love the name. I have a model 99 and just love the old machines. The lady you bought her from sounds so nice and just wanted a nice home for Little Lil.

Michelle said...

Congratulations! I think it's especially wonderful that she knew what she had, and what some people pay for them, and you still got such a phenomenal deal.