Sunday, March 20, 2011

National Quilting Day & Friday Night Sew In

Happy Sunday Morning!

What did you do for National Quilting day? Me not too much quilty..I did get to go to my BOM but had to leave and then go over to work at the Garden Center booth at the local home and garden show expo. It was fun seeing our customers and they get a kick out of seeing us not covered in dirt and sweat like we are in the summer, I guess we do clean up pretty good!

We had a challenge at the BOM - we rec'd a fat quarter last month and was to make something with it.... This is what I completed. Just a simple little bag and on the inside the way it is folded and constructed you end up with 4 pockets on the inside. I think I will do a tutorial on it this coming week, it is really fun and quick.

I used an old clip on earing for the embellishment. Kinda fun.

Hubby now has the bronchitis that I had last week, so I am still coughing and he is definetly infected and on drugs, so hopefully by the middle of the week he should be better and we can tidy up this house once again!

Well off to the garden show, ttyl!

Happy Stitches

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Good Morning!

Happy St. Patty's Day. Looking forward to corned beef for dinner tonight.

Getting over my bronchitis and now hubby has a cold, this is the worse possbile cold in the world, he tells me, he doesn't think he will make it thru this cold. OH MY GOSH Men are such babies!! He has a cold. He will be fine....repeat 10 times!!
Have not got any sewing done this week...hoping to get to my creation station tonight or at least for sure Friday night for the Friday night sew in!
Happy Stitches!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sick Day

Good Morning

I have been sick since Friday, went to the Dr on Saturday, I have bronchitis.

Taking today off.

Hope to feel better soon.

Happy stitches

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here's what I have been up to


I got the day off of work today! Yippee! I am really not happy there, and can't wait to go back to the garden center. It was a nice change of pace having an extra day off so I thought I would work in the Creation Station today.

I spent some time cleaning up in there. It was time for that.

Here is the Thimbleberrie Star top I was telling you about the other day, I put the blocks together and the borders on...then went to quilt it and No batting that would work- I have small pieces and long thin pieces for table runners - I am going to stop at JoAnns tomorrow on my way to work or on my way home and get a package of batting -- so I can get this done this coming weekend.

During breaks at work I have been cutting out bunny ears and noses. I make these little bunny egss for the Hospice and the Senior Center here in town. I need 184 done. Today I completed 2 dozen. I shop after Easter and get the eggs so cheap and they are cute -- I fill them with jelly beans. I hope they bring a smile to those who receive them.

Here is my pincushion for the Swappy Pincushion swap. The green is from a wool sweater that I got at the trhift shop and then felted. It is a nice big pincushion, I hope my swap partner likes it.

Well back to the Creation Station!
Happy Stitches!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pincushion Swap and More

Good Morning!

I have been busy this weekend, I started off yesterday morning sewing this block... I used a red tone on tone from moda and the floral is Kansas Troubles. I found this on Lisa's Blog she is doing a scrap basket block of the month. The blocks are a finished size of 6 inches, so the 1/2 square triangles are 1 inch finished, I used triangle paper and they turned out perfect. I am going to make this quilt using some of my Kansas Trouble fabrics. I really like this block, I could see 3 or 4 blocks for a table runner or 6 blocks and a sashing in pastels for a baby quilt. Give it a try, super simple block, looks much harder than it is.

In my quilted table runner group, we are having a St. Pattys Day swap, and this is what I created, I picked a fused block, and we were not to stitch around the edges, that is up to the person who gets the blocks, neat idea, because you could do them in black or green. Can't wait to get the other blocks back and see what everyone else created.

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday....From Marjory in the Flickr Pincushion Swap Group - I just love it. So springy!! And we sure needed that around here yesterday, as we got a combo of snow, sleet and rain, lovely :( Thank you so much, I am taking this up to the Creation Station today and putting it next to little Lil! The edging looks like lace in the photo, but it is actually beading, how cool is that. And the spider, so neat made out of beads! Very clever!!
Thank you so much!!

And here is what I have done at lunch and on breaks at work the past 2 weeks, this is just a few of my Hexies, I have a sandwich bag full of more of them -- I really don't like this job at all, but I am temping so I try to keep a positive attitude and without doing something quilty on my breaks and lunch I think I would have quit after day 3! I have been there 4 weeks, can hardly believe that, and I am the only person they have kept so far, they let 3 ladies go (all nice hard working ladies) and 1 gal came in at 9:30 and went to lunch at 12:15 and never came back! It is all a numbers game to them and if you don't have the right numbers - your out - I can not wait to start back at the garden center in April. So I only have 4 more weeks there if they keep me, they are hiring more folks on Tuesday so we shall see.

Back to the hexies, you can see why these little things just brighten my day even more can't you!

Well I am off to finish a small quilt top (another UFO) I started working in on yesterday, then hubby wanted to take a ride and we left at Noon and got back at 9:30 I have the blocks sewn together today is borders and quilting hopefully. And binding tonight or maybe binding during the bachelor tomorrow is always good to have something to do on TV night.
Happy Stitches!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Good Morning

Happy Friday! I am looking forward to doing some sewing this weekend and just kickin back...most of my quilt buddies are on a retreat and I stayed home to work! What was I thinking!
Weather is going go be cruddy this weekend, rain, cold and sleet, so I am happy to be inside and sew.
I have basted a ton of hexies and completed some flowers, hope to get more of these done today. I have 2 pincushion swaps I am in and I need to complete this weekend.
Can't wait til quilting time!!
Have a great day!
Happy Stitches!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't you just hate when this happens!


Well on Sunday I had a little time and it was very gloomy outside and last March when we were on vacation in the Kansas City area I saw the neatest puzzles at the Peddlers Wagon it is a really nice quilt shop. They took old windows and old barn wood frames and framed the puzzles, so I purchased a small on to give it a try. Here is a photo of the box - two things I love birds and quilts! Perfect I thought ....

And here is the completed (well almost complete)puzzle. It is as complete as I can go...
can you believe 2 pieces were missing!!

Well I did email the puzzle company Sunsout Puzzles at and they are sending me a new puzzle. Should be here this week and then I can frame the complete puzzle.
If you like puzzles check out the website they have some really neat quilt scene puzzles.
I have been doing some English paper piecing - we get 2 breaks and a 45 minute lunch where I have been temping so I have been working on some hexagons. I will take a photo of all I have gotten done in the last few days, they basting goes pretty quick and it is nice to do something I love to do at a job I am not thrilled to be at. But happy to be temping and earning some $$'s.
Happy Stitches!