Sunday, March 20, 2011

National Quilting Day & Friday Night Sew In

Happy Sunday Morning!

What did you do for National Quilting day? Me not too much quilty..I did get to go to my BOM but had to leave and then go over to work at the Garden Center booth at the local home and garden show expo. It was fun seeing our customers and they get a kick out of seeing us not covered in dirt and sweat like we are in the summer, I guess we do clean up pretty good!

We had a challenge at the BOM - we rec'd a fat quarter last month and was to make something with it.... This is what I completed. Just a simple little bag and on the inside the way it is folded and constructed you end up with 4 pockets on the inside. I think I will do a tutorial on it this coming week, it is really fun and quick.

I used an old clip on earing for the embellishment. Kinda fun.

Hubby now has the bronchitis that I had last week, so I am still coughing and he is definetly infected and on drugs, so hopefully by the middle of the week he should be better and we can tidy up this house once again!

Well off to the garden show, ttyl!

Happy Stitches


sunny said...

Cute bag! I received a little bag in my stocking at Christmas that was folded to make 4 pockets on the inside. If it's the same, (even ir it's not, for that matter) I'd love to see a tutorial!

Jacqueline said...

Cute Bag! I would love to see a tutorial for it.