Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't you just hate when this happens!


Well on Sunday I had a little time and it was very gloomy outside and last March when we were on vacation in the Kansas City area I saw the neatest puzzles at the Peddlers Wagon it is a really nice quilt shop. They took old windows and old barn wood frames and framed the puzzles, so I purchased a small on to give it a try. Here is a photo of the box - two things I love birds and quilts! Perfect I thought ....

And here is the completed (well almost complete)puzzle. It is as complete as I can go...
can you believe 2 pieces were missing!!

Well I did email the puzzle company Sunsout Puzzles at and they are sending me a new puzzle. Should be here this week and then I can frame the complete puzzle.
If you like puzzles check out the website they have some really neat quilt scene puzzles.
I have been doing some English paper piecing - we get 2 breaks and a 45 minute lunch where I have been temping so I have been working on some hexagons. I will take a photo of all I have gotten done in the last few days, they basting goes pretty quick and it is nice to do something I love to do at a job I am not thrilled to be at. But happy to be temping and earning some $$'s.
Happy Stitches!

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