Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Autumn

Hello and Happy Autumn

I can not get my camera to download to my computer and I have so much to show you. I am going to have Dear Hubby work on it tonight.

I have been making pumpkin coasters, check it out on Brandis Blog she has some really neat ideas on her blog.

Off to get dinner ready, hope to have pictures up tonight!

Happy Stitches

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A great Friday

Good Morning!

I had a great Friday off, I went to my BOM with my BFF and we had a blast. Then I came home and made 4 blocks for this quilt -- our quilt shop starts the new BOM in September, so it is always a fun time. We are doing a mystery quilt and I made the 4 stars and have selected browns and pinks from my stash and I even have a great background for it. I will need more of that but I am so happy I was able to shop my stash first:)

Then we had gotten a tote bag pattern in the club - so I have that almost done, I just need to put on the binding, hoping to get that done tonight while watching tv.

And I also finished a pumpkin wall hanging.

Now you ask....where are the pictures....they are in the my camera and my camera and the plug in for my computer seem to be having a disagreement! I plug them in and the camera goes off.....I have been putzing with this for the last hour, so I said enough I will try again later. Hopefully hubby can fix it when he wakes up today.

Off to work today, so have a great day!

Happy Stitches

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday All day Sew in!

Good Morning

Today is the Friday Night Sew In -- but lucky me I have today off! So I am making it an all day Sew In!!

I do have a few errands to run, but I already have dinner made for tonight and I am going to the BOM that is starting new this month so that will take a little time, but for the most part of the day I will be in my sewing room!

Off to get started it is already 8 AM so I only have about 16 hours left in the day!

Happy Stitches

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christmas Blocks


I was not able to get the correct link for Biancas Christmas Block of the Week, so I added her to my Blogs I follow on the right side of my blog, just click there for her blog and then you will see the patterns.

Happy Stitches!

Hello There!

Good morning!

WOW! The 3 day weekend came and left in such a hurry. I had a great time, I was off the entire weekend, so hubby and I went to the Dubuque area where I went to 3 quilt shops and he enjoyed some casino action and we went to a small county fair in Mineral Point WI. Such a cute town!

Here is the pumpkin winner, it is HUGE!!

We saw some cute animals, this little goat is Nancy and as withm ost animals the grass or sand is always better on the other side! She was so friendly.

Of course, what is a fair without a cute pig or 2! This one was just so adorable. Pigs really are cute!!

Then I wanted to show you the Christmas Block of the week, here is block 1 -- I made 2 exactly the same because I want my quilt to be larger.

And here is block 2 -- I love this little elf fabric, perfect for the center. I also made 2 of these. So far I have 4 done and the next pattern will be out on Monday.

I am off to the Sandwich Fair today, Have a great day
Happy Stitches

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Good Morning

I was surfing some blogs this morning and ran across this Christmas BOM it just started on Monday and it looks like a nice quilt. Check it out - I printed the pattern for this week and think I might try to pick out some fabrics this morning before work.

***I just got a note that the link doesn't work -- and I can not get my paste button to work this morning. I am sorry I will try to fix it tonight. Maybe do a yahoo search on at my house biana blog it should come up. Sorry about this ***

Just 3 more days til a long weekend!

Happy Stitches