Sunday, May 29, 2011

It is beginning to look like Summer


Well at least my blog is looking a little brighter. But we had so much rain today, it finally cleared up about 5 pm, and I did transplant a few things.

So that is why I needed to change my blog and make it summery!

More tomorrow

Good Night

Sewing machine Cover & More

Good Morning! Happy Sunday

Well I am off today and tomorrow and I have big plans to get some sewing done and some cleaning! So far I have the kitchen done and one load of laundry done, so I think I can sew for a bit before I make potato salad, nothing says summer is here (or getting here soon) than potato salad. Not sure what else we will have for dinner but at least I will have the potato salad done :)

Last week I saw this Scarlet Tanger at my feeder, never had one here before so I was thrilled to see it, took the photo thru the glass door and that is why there is a big glare mark, but you can still see the awesome bird.

Got my sewing machine cover done and mailed off, here it is, my swap partner likes brights I hope she likes this - it was fun to make and then I made a Buttons the cat pincushion, actually made several since Buttons is the name of my cat and the fabric is purrfect for a pincushion with her name on it.

My friend Susan got me a really neat kit while my quilting friends went on a shop hop and I went to work (sad me) it is an ice cream cone applique for a towel, I plan on getting this done this weekend. Perfect for summer.
Today it is overcast with storms coming in this afternoon, a perfect day to sew!
Happy Stitches!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Good Morning!

I still have pictures to post, hope to get that done tomorrow. I am working today and then off on Sunday and Monday. Looks like a little rain will be falling here, so I should be able to sew abit.

How about you, got any plans to sew?

Have a great day!
Happy stitches

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hummingbirds are back!!

Good Morning

I have been working alot with it being spring and I do work at a garden center, so we have been fairy busy - even tho the weather is 48 one day and 90 the next. Today it is going to be in the 40's cold, windy and rainy. I am happy to report I am off today, so I will be sewing and maybe doing a little weeding, depends on if the sun comes out.

I put up my hummingbird feeder last weekend and this morning I noticed my first little hummingbird is enjoying breakfast at my feeder. Also the Baltimore Orioles have arrived this past week and they are enjoying the oranges and grape jelly I put out fro them. All is wonderful in my bird sanctuary in my yard. If only the weather would maybe get to 70.

Enjoy your Sunday - I am off to sew -- I will post some photos Monday.

Happy Stitches!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Here is a photo of my mom - this is from her free Metra/CTA pass -- now mind you she lived in the country - not near the Metra or CTA - but the pass was free! I think it was such a cute picture of her I have it hanging on my fridge.
Happy Mother's Day Mom!
I miss you!

I hope if your mom is around you are able to spend some time with her today, I miss mine everyday and I know we would have done something fun today.