Saturday, December 13, 2014

Small Quilt and Gingerbread Houses!


Happy Holidays!!  So much has been going on here, craft shows, obedience school for Patches, some sewing for the craft shows, and work!

I did get the small quilt project done this month so I wanted to be in the parade -- so glad i have these things they force me to get my blog updated.  Only 4 more days of work and then I will be off for 2 weeks -- really need a break and need to catch up on my sewing projects.

Today Poochie and Patches went to camp and Poochie had a spa day -- she looks so great all washed and brushed.    

My small quilt project is going to hang on this shelf, so you guessed it it is  Gingerbread boy themed.   Love all my gingerbread stuff in my kitchen and dining room.  

We have our computer desk in the dining room and I put my gingerbread village out on the top shelf.  the 2 on the ends were made from unfinished wood bird houses that I got at Micheal's many years ago and we got all the "candy" we glued on them at Micheal's also  - my mom painted them and we worked on decorating them together -- they are very special to me.  She just loved Christmas so much -- i am sure she is smiling down to see I have really expanded my gingerbread village with lots of other houses.

I got the little house from the local bakery for $2  -- it is so cute  I also have a kit to make a real gingerbread house might get that done this weekend.

And here is my small project -- I hope you like it,  I think it turned out cute -- need to quilt and bind it this weekend.  One of the best parts of this is -- it is all stuff I had on hand -- I just love when projects use up some stash!

Here is my gingerbread tree in the dining room -- it is one of those alpine trees, I cover it at the end of the season and store it in the basement -- so easy to put up each year. 

Of course I have to put a picture of Patches in this post too....looks like she is settled in doesn't it.  She just loves life with us.  She has been in obedience school and we have advanced to the Advance class in about 6weeks,  we start in Advanced tomorrow, we are so excited to see what we will be learning, she is a quick learner and loves to please.   I am so happy she is part of our lives.
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