Friday, May 31, 2013

Schnibbles Parade and a Catch up post

Good Morning!

Welcome to the Schnibbles parade -- but before I show you my Schnibbles, I thought I would share some photos of this past weekend.  We went to Ohio to the Columbus zoo - the Cubs game at the Great American Ball park and an African Safari -- this is where you drive thru and feed the animals.  Here is a hungry bison -- oh my gosh - he ate almost all of the food we had and wanted more and he was nudging Dear Hubby for more food,  he is just too cute!

 And this is one of the Zebras that live there, you could actaully reach them from the car for them to be fed, but we were already out of food, thanks to Mr Bison -- it was a cold and rainy day so we only went thru once - if we go again we would go thru several times -- it was alot of fun.

Poochie was not able to go with us, she would not have had any fun with the BIG animals so she went off to camp for the weekend and here she is just before she left for camp -- Happy Camper -- I am not sure!

Prince Charming Lilac Tree - this is the second year for this tree in my front garden and I am very happy how it is growing and blooming.     

And here is my Schnibbles for the Parade!  I love this one and would be happy to make a couple more -- I used 30's of course and I will be painting my sewing room this month, so I think this will be a great wall hanging for my sewing room!  Stayed tune for the Re-do of the sewing room!

Waving to everyone for stopping by for the parade!

Happy Stitches!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Busy - Busy - Busy


What have you  been up to lately??  The days are flying by here like crazy!  I was busy getting ready for a big craft show / flea market about an hour away - It was this past weekend and I did great -- here are some of the chairs I made, all roadside treasures converted to nice planter chairs!  So nice to be green and enjoy it.
This was my favorite and it sold first, love the arms on this old chair. 

This one I still have but I have a friend who has a birthday soon, so this might head her way :)


I love blue and this one was a fun one with the red flowers, it also found a great home. I sold a few more and came home with a couple  -- I have lots of ideas for the fall show and I have already found a few roadside treasures for that!

I did get to make one purchase it is a twin size hand pieced grandmothers flower garden quilt top -- with all 30's prints - original 30's prints -- it was marked $40 - it was half price in her booth Sunday afternoon and I offered $15  and it came home with me!!! Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I LOVE IT! Nice to think about the lady who sat there and stitched this all by hand --


And while I was at the show Sunday morning I finished a UFO!!  I think this is number 8 for the year - my goal is 1 - 2 a month - so I am a little behind but I have 2 quilts at my friend the long armer, and they should be back in a week or 2 -- so then I will be back on track  - I love this one, it was a mystery quilt from the LQS that I made about 2 years ago - not an oldy but still a goodie!


Well that is about all -- Poochie has been diagnosed with allergies and has goopy eyes still and is now on predisone  - I sure hope she feels better soon!

I will talk you soon!

Happy Stitches!