Monday, February 25, 2013

Date night and a new project!

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Saturday night I had a date with Dear Hubby he bought a dinner certificate and play tickets from the local radio shopping show -- if you have one in your area -- check it out -- we have gotten some great deals on 
various restaurants in our area -- most are less than 1/2 price, in this economy you need to save as much as possible.  That is my motto!

We had an nice rib dinner at at St Louis themed restaurant -- mmmm very good and then off to the play The Art Of Murder  -- it was a very well done play and we enjoyed it.   You think one thing is going to happen and then there is a twist, it really kept your interest the entire show.        


Then on Sunday I spotted these on someones blog and I thought I love these flower coasters, mmmm...wonder if there is a pattern out there, so of course I googled it and YUP I found a free pattern
so I made 5 of these yesterday they take about 1/2 hour to make  and  might make some of these for my garden club -- well see how many I get done.  I am using up yarn I have in the Creation Station and that is always a good thing to use things up!

I also am working on a puzzle it is a tough one 1000 pieces and I got an entire section dont on that yesterday want to finish it and seal it and then frame it for the sewing room.  You guessed it  - it is a quilting themed puzzle.

Well I better get moving and get going to work! Have a great day!  Hope your weekend was fun!

Happy Stitches!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A couple of Completed UFO's!

Good Morning!

Another 3 day weekend for me!!! YIPPEEE!!  Yesterday we woke up to about 6 inches of snow!  Love it!

Dear Hubby said the night before he wanted to snow blow the driveway -- so while I was waiting for him to get up -- I quilted up this little Kansas Trouble Mini Basket quilt -- this has been a UFO for about 4 years -- so glad to get it completed.  I sewed the binding on last night during Shark Tank.    

My other UFO I completed this past week is Sweet Sixteen by Schnibbles  I quilted this last weekend when I had all kinds of trouble with my machine - and Thursday night I finished the binding on it  -- So with these 2 completed -- I have a total of 7 UFO's done out of the 80 I started with this year.

I have a quilt at my friend who machine quilts - and I am due to get that back next week and I have another prepped for her -- my goal is to get one a month done with her and try to get 1 done myself.  So far so good.  Of course as Spring and Summer arrive I will have a little less time for quilting so I need  to get a little ahead.  

What have you been working on??

Happy Stitches

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New projects and BINGO!

Good Morning!

Can't believe it is Thursday already this week!   One more day of work and I will be home for a 3 day weekend! YIPPEE!!!  Today Dear Hubby is going to get my  Bernina from the repair shop -- it has been     having foot pedal issues -- so we will see how it is working when I get home from work tonight.

I have been using my Pfaff and Little Lil (my featherweight) and have been busy -- here is a photo of some summer table toppers I am working on -- I am in a craft show in May so I need to get some inventory for summer completed.   

Lish my swap partner in the Friendship bag Swap sent me some of this watermelon fabric and I thought it would make cute summer coasters -- here is one that I started I have 3 more in the works.  I love making Hexies!

Tuesday night we went to play Bingo at the local Vets Home and Der Hubby won!!! It was only a $35 prize but it was fun and paid for the evening out-- and it is good to support the local operations like this.

I hope your having a good week!  Tonight we are expecting a storm to come in so we might end up with 5 inches or more of snow by Friday morning!  Looking forward to the snow -- it has been super cold here this week!

Happy Stitches!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Awesome Cupcake Shop and a day at Starved Rock


What a busy day we had!   We went to a State park about 2 hours from our house -- and on the way we found a cute little cupcake shop called 2 Girls and a Cupcake - they are in Utica IL -- What an AWESOME SHOP!!   Here is what we tried, the Banana Split Cupcake -- mmmmm delish!!  The  filling was banana whip cream that they make on site -- delish!  
They are on Facebook Two Girls and a Cupcake -- Like them -- they have a great shop and if  you are nearby stop -- you can't go wrong with any of their cupcakes!

Here is a photo of their shop -- Super Cute and really friendly inside.  

Then we went another 15 minutes or maybe less and got to Starved Rock State Park - me, Dear Hubby and Poochie!  She loves to go for walks and why should she stay home along -  so off we went

Here she is as we started on a trail -- she enjoyed sniffing all the new smells!

They have alot of wood carved type things like this -- I thought this was a nice photo opportunity and Dear Hubby wanted no part of getting his picture taken, so you guessed it Poochie jumped right up to get her picture taken!!

Here is another wood carving, a pelican in a tree -- really nicely  done.
We walked a few miles and ended up having brunch there before we headed for home.

Here is the view from one of the look out points -- Can't wait to go back this fall -- I am sure this is more awesome with fall colors. 

I did get some table toppers sewed up on Saturday -- but I am having horrible problems with  my Bernina -- so we spent a couple hours at the repair shop on Saturday and unfortunately -- we got it home and it worked for 15 minutes -- ARRGGGG  - that is why we decided to go out and have some fun -- it is very frustrating in my sewing room right now, Dear Hubby is running the machine back tomorrow -- so I hope they can fix it.

Off to get ready for bed!
Happy Stitches

Saturday, February 16, 2013

UFO Finish and Good Will Report!

Good Morning!

How is everyone today?   Yesterday was a great day - went to the fitness center first thing,  came home, putterer around the sewing room a bit Dear Hubby said lets take a ride, so we went to lunch and the library and then we stopped at a Good Will store along the way -- we had 1 bag to donate and we bought a few bags, but all things that we can use!!  And the store was jammed packed - it was customer appreciation day and we got a scratch off ticket that gave us and extra 15% off! Can you believe it, a discount at Good Will!

Here are my treasures - this garden plate was 49 cents (everything here is the original price you can do the math to figure out the extra 15% off LOL)  I am in charge of snacks at garden club next month -- so I will glue a candlestick to this to make it a pedestal dish -- now I just have to think what snack do I make LOL       

This adorable tea cup -- I actually got 4 sets of tea cups - the cup was 49 cents and the saucer was 49 cents, I make these into bird feeders and they sell like crazy!  And I will be doing my first show this year in May - a perfect time for bird feeders :)

This copper topped bird feeder was  a fantastic find -- $1.99  - brand new in the box and it is perfect for my thistle feed -- my current thistle sock was on its way out -- so glad to find this at a great bargain!   

Then off to look at what else they had -- don't you love this purse and shoes -- Both brand new!!!  Purse $4.99 and it has the softess handles ever and the shoes $3.99 brand new with the Target price tag still attached.   You can always use a pair of white sneakers in the summer -- and soon it will be summer!

Once we got home, I headed up to the sewing room and quilted this Christmas Schnibbles and was able to bind it last night, got a lot of binding done while watching Shark Tank and then finished it after the show.  I love it - it will make a nice gift next Christmas!


I wanted to work on my Row Quilt from Bee in my Bonnet this weekend too, so I stayed up extra late and got my star row done!!  So Excited - I think I am only 4 rows behind now.

 Did have a little excitement in the sewing room last night as I was sewing my binding to the Schnibbles quilt my foot pedal went out on my sewing machine  ARRGGG -- It was just in the shop last month for a tune up -- so I had to switch out the Bernina for Little Lil my Featherweight and she did not let me down -- I got everything I wanted to get done last night -- thanks Little Lil!!

Off for some more stitching today!
Happy Stitches!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A little Sewing on Valentines Night

Good Morning!

Did you have a nice Valentines day?  We did, we went to  a new Mexican Restaurant in the next town over  and the best part was we had a Groupon so a $20 dinner cost us $10 -- Sweet!

When we got back home we had to watch the Moonshiners Valentine Special -- Oh that Tickle makes us laugh so hard!   So while we were watching that I finished up another UFO -- and I am ready for St Patty's Day!

SO glad to start my 3 day weekend with a finish!  I have big plans for sewing this weekend,  right now I have to start the laundry and then I am headin up to the Creation Station to work on completing a Schnibble from last year, work on some Easy Street blocks,  work on some watermelon hexies,  and complete a row from Bee in my Bonnets Row Quilt -- that should keep my busy.
What are you working on?
Happy Stitches!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Good Morning!

I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!!

Happy Stitches!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A UFO Finish and Friendship Bag Swap

Good Morning!

How are you doing today?   Weather is cold and windy here the past few days -- good days to sew.   Here is a UFO that is about 5years old, my friend machine quilted it for me and I got it back about 3 weeks ago, and I finally finished binding it last night!  This is my second UFO of the year!!  So far that is one a month :)

This is a Christmas quilt that I designed when I had my quilt shop -- the 4 corners are Santas that came from old Christmas cards - I photo transfered them  - something different.   At least I will have a new Christmas Quilt to put out next December. 

It is just a small twin size, but I hope it looks nice in the living room next year.

I got home from work yesterday and since last week, Dear Hubby and I joined the fitness center in town, so after work I went there,  and when I got home I was rewarded when I got the mail!  It is my Friendship Bag swap from Lish!   I love it!  She also spoiled me with lots of goodies - see that little snowman in the middle, it was filled with a chocolate bar!  Guess what I ate after I opened this package - I figured I could since I just got back from the Fitness Center RIGHT??

She even sent me Hexies -- I LOVE HEXIES and some neat charms to use - a cute new pair of scissors, an emery board, a tape measure -- so many fun goodies.  

Thank you Lish I love it all!!!  
Well off to start another day!  
Happy Stitches!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Catch UP


Hi Everyone!  Lots going on here!  We left Feb 1st for 4 fun filled days in Wisconsin.  We stayed at a northwoods themed resort called Three Bears Lodge -- here is a picture of 2 of the 3 bears -- I think the 3rd bear had a little too much honey the night before, he was no wheres to be found for a picture, of course we saw him several times the day before!! 

Dear Hubby loves log furniture and log homes -- he was so thrilled that the furniture was log!!  Here is a picture of the bed -- Love it and love the quilt -- so simple but so nice!  Might have to find some nice plaids and a kakai type fabric and make a quilt like this for us this summer.

And here is a photo of the chair in the room, again northwood themed -- so Hubby wanted a picture of this so he can look for a similar one.


Of course a trip is not complete without a stop at a Quilt Shop!  And Yup we found one!  It was the Quilt Corner in Sparta -- such a nice shop - -2 floors of goodies and a very  nice staff.  I got a few goodies - afterall is was a vacation -- you gotta get a sovenoir or 2 :)

Sparta is known for being a biking town and they have this statue as you enter town, really neat and it is really tall!

Took this picture the last day -- it was at the lunch stop and Dear Hubby is a fisherman so this was just too cute!  Won't this look nice on the front porch of a log cabin!   That is what we thought!
I took along some Hexies to work on -- got nothing really done, but I have some prepped now for when I have time to do them.

My friend Kendra from Stone House Primitives - has ducks and she was so  nice to give me these eggs when we got back -- OH MY GOSH!  They are huge!  Compared to a chicken egg, but so good.  I made a mandarian orange cake with them it was delish!   Thanks Kendra!

Yesterday was a sewing day at my sister in laws -- 6 of us got together to sew, I got 2 blocks done from Bonnie Hunters mystery and I finished up the last clue I was on.   So at least I made some progress.  Today I have machine stitched a binding on a Christmas quilt I got back from Monica my friend the machine quilter, so tonight I will hand stitch it down.

Well that brings you up to speed with me....what have you been up too??

Happy Stitches!

Friday, February 1, 2013

My Favorite Schnibbles!

Good Morning!

This months Schnibble parade is to be our Favorite Schnibbles, well it is very hard to pick, cause I love them all but this one hangs in our guest room and I just love it!  I guess the main reason is I love 30's and the purples, yellows and greens seem to be my favorites!

So I will wave to all the parade visitors and thank you for stopping by!

Dear Hubby and I are heading up north for a few days -- I have an embrodiery project and hexies packed along with my red and white scarf to finish -- I am taking a cranberry pie class on Saturday morning and we have a few other things on the agenda and a little R & R  - since I am just getting over an upper respiratory infection -- ick!

Happy Stitches!