Saturday, February 16, 2013

UFO Finish and Good Will Report!

Good Morning!

How is everyone today?   Yesterday was a great day - went to the fitness center first thing,  came home, putterer around the sewing room a bit Dear Hubby said lets take a ride, so we went to lunch and the library and then we stopped at a Good Will store along the way -- we had 1 bag to donate and we bought a few bags, but all things that we can use!!  And the store was jammed packed - it was customer appreciation day and we got a scratch off ticket that gave us and extra 15% off! Can you believe it, a discount at Good Will!

Here are my treasures - this garden plate was 49 cents (everything here is the original price you can do the math to figure out the extra 15% off LOL)  I am in charge of snacks at garden club next month -- so I will glue a candlestick to this to make it a pedestal dish -- now I just have to think what snack do I make LOL       

This adorable tea cup -- I actually got 4 sets of tea cups - the cup was 49 cents and the saucer was 49 cents, I make these into bird feeders and they sell like crazy!  And I will be doing my first show this year in May - a perfect time for bird feeders :)

This copper topped bird feeder was  a fantastic find -- $1.99  - brand new in the box and it is perfect for my thistle feed -- my current thistle sock was on its way out -- so glad to find this at a great bargain!   

Then off to look at what else they had -- don't you love this purse and shoes -- Both brand new!!!  Purse $4.99 and it has the softess handles ever and the shoes $3.99 brand new with the Target price tag still attached.   You can always use a pair of white sneakers in the summer -- and soon it will be summer!

Once we got home, I headed up to the sewing room and quilted this Christmas Schnibbles and was able to bind it last night, got a lot of binding done while watching Shark Tank and then finished it after the show.  I love it - it will make a nice gift next Christmas!


I wanted to work on my Row Quilt from Bee in my Bonnet this weekend too, so I stayed up extra late and got my star row done!!  So Excited - I think I am only 4 rows behind now.

 Did have a little excitement in the sewing room last night as I was sewing my binding to the Schnibbles quilt my foot pedal went out on my sewing machine  ARRGGG -- It was just in the shop last month for a tune up -- so I had to switch out the Bernina for Little Lil my Featherweight and she did not let me down -- I got everything I wanted to get done last night -- thanks Little Lil!!

Off for some more stitching today!
Happy Stitches!

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lynne said...

lovely blog! lots of good things going on with you....i have that same teacup and saucer. i sure am curious as to how you make the bird feeder! hopefully you'll show us a picture? ;o)