Sunday, February 17, 2013

Awesome Cupcake Shop and a day at Starved Rock


What a busy day we had!   We went to a State park about 2 hours from our house -- and on the way we found a cute little cupcake shop called 2 Girls and a Cupcake - they are in Utica IL -- What an AWESOME SHOP!!   Here is what we tried, the Banana Split Cupcake -- mmmmm delish!!  The  filling was banana whip cream that they make on site -- delish!  
They are on Facebook Two Girls and a Cupcake -- Like them -- they have a great shop and if  you are nearby stop -- you can't go wrong with any of their cupcakes!

Here is a photo of their shop -- Super Cute and really friendly inside.  

Then we went another 15 minutes or maybe less and got to Starved Rock State Park - me, Dear Hubby and Poochie!  She loves to go for walks and why should she stay home along -  so off we went

Here she is as we started on a trail -- she enjoyed sniffing all the new smells!

They have alot of wood carved type things like this -- I thought this was a nice photo opportunity and Dear Hubby wanted no part of getting his picture taken, so you guessed it Poochie jumped right up to get her picture taken!!

Here is another wood carving, a pelican in a tree -- really nicely  done.
We walked a few miles and ended up having brunch there before we headed for home.

Here is the view from one of the look out points -- Can't wait to go back this fall -- I am sure this is more awesome with fall colors. 

I did get some table toppers sewed up on Saturday -- but I am having horrible problems with  my Bernina -- so we spent a couple hours at the repair shop on Saturday and unfortunately -- we got it home and it worked for 15 minutes -- ARRGGGG  - that is why we decided to go out and have some fun -- it is very frustrating in my sewing room right now, Dear Hubby is running the machine back tomorrow -- so I hope they can fix it.

Off to get ready for bed!
Happy Stitches

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Sara said...

What a beautiful state park...and I see poochie loves having her photo taken.