Monday, February 25, 2013

Date night and a new project!

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Saturday night I had a date with Dear Hubby he bought a dinner certificate and play tickets from the local radio shopping show -- if you have one in your area -- check it out -- we have gotten some great deals on 
various restaurants in our area -- most are less than 1/2 price, in this economy you need to save as much as possible.  That is my motto!

We had an nice rib dinner at at St Louis themed restaurant -- mmmm very good and then off to the play The Art Of Murder  -- it was a very well done play and we enjoyed it.   You think one thing is going to happen and then there is a twist, it really kept your interest the entire show.        


Then on Sunday I spotted these on someones blog and I thought I love these flower coasters, mmmm...wonder if there is a pattern out there, so of course I googled it and YUP I found a free pattern
so I made 5 of these yesterday they take about 1/2 hour to make  and  might make some of these for my garden club -- well see how many I get done.  I am using up yarn I have in the Creation Station and that is always a good thing to use things up!

I also am working on a puzzle it is a tough one 1000 pieces and I got an entire section dont on that yesterday want to finish it and seal it and then frame it for the sewing room.  You guessed it  - it is a quilting themed puzzle.

Well I better get moving and get going to work! Have a great day!  Hope your weekend was fun!

Happy Stitches!


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