Friday, August 31, 2012

August Schnibbles!


How are you doing?  WOW this has been a really busy month -- and it was supposed to be quiet and I was going to get lots done, well that plan FLEW out the window!  The Garden Center I work at was going to close until Sept 8th and I was really unsure what was going on with it, it has not been making money and next year they will be tearing up the road in front of it during the spring/early summer - traditionally a busy time for the garden center.  SO I thought maybe I should look for a job, I usually do look in the the winter and temp or do something, but a real full time year around job is hard to come by.  So I applied for a couple of jobs I found on Craigs list and GUESS WHAT?!?!?  I got a new job!  I work for a large landscape company and I handle the bids for the company -- very interesting and busy job.  I started on the 22nd.  Great news, I work full time March 1 - Dec 1 and Dec 1 - Feb 28 I work 4 days a week, perfect since Dear Hubby is off in the winter, this way we can do on little get-a-ways and stuff.  The hours are perfect too, 7 - 3:30 -- I am really very  happy to have found a job and the news gets even better when I talked to the owner of the garden center, he told me after the end of Sept it will be closing -- not enough business and the traffic issue is just too much.  So I am very happy that this all turned out good.

SO I did have my Schnibble top done early in the month and was thinking about quilting it later in the month...and as you guessed it - later never to here - so here is my Schnibble Dimestore version all done, it just needs to be quilted.  Lucky for me I did Christmas colors so I do have some time LOL!

Dear Hubby has a cold so with the rain coming in this weekend, looks like a good weekend to get some things accomplished!
Waving to all the parade people!!
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

FNSI, Winner and just an update

Good Morning

Can't believe August is flying by -- I have been home since August 5th - the Garden Center closed until Sept 8th -- and I have been one busy bee.  The first week, I worked in the yard and gardens each day -- spread 25 bags of mulch - edged trees, garden beds and did massive weeding.  My garden club had a garden walk that week and our house was on the walk, so everything looked fantastic and a good time was had by everyone and it was so nice to see the other gardens.  I have lots of new ideas.  Then the weekend of August 11 was Dear Hubby's birthday weekend, so we took off for the weekend.  So nice to get away -- and it was the first full weekend I have been off since late March.  Off course we took the fur babies with us and here they are on Sunday morning at the hotel -- Poochie loves to read her sports section and then Arts & Entertainment!  She is an avid reader!!!      

And apparently once she read the Cubs had lost another game, she just did not know how she was going to make it thru the day!!! LOL And Rudy is waiting for the paper or at least wants to read it along with her!!  We went to a Hawaiian type buffet on Friday night and get a lei - Rudy was thrilled to wear it the rest of the weekend!    

Thank you for all the nice comments on my blocks for the Christmas Blog Hop -- The Winner for the mug rug is Nancy Biggins - I will send you an email and get your address so I can send off the mug rug.  Dear Hubby is going to put my patterns out there today -- he is a wiz at this computer stuff and I just could not get the PDF files to load up.  It was very frustrating!!

Friday was Friday Night Sew In and I worked all afternoon and evening on my 2 projects,  This is the Mystery Quilt form I think McCalls Magazine they had published this year -- I had most of the parts done just needed to sew it together. I really like it and can't wait to quilt it - I am thinking of getting an off white inexpensive comforter the the bed and then just putting this on top of it, we have a king bed and it fits across but not up and down -- and I am off of this fabric.  So that seems to the an answer for using this quilt.

And I also worked on the Dimestore Schnibbles which is the Scnibbles of the month - I have all my blocks complete, I am doing a Christmas Theme -- the centers are little ginger-breads on the red  centers and a cute snowman face on the  green centers.  Today I hope to get the top done.

 Saturday I set up at a local Flea Market / Farmers market since I have cleaned my sewing room last week, I had lots of goodies to sell, and tons of finished table runners - got rid of some stuff and I will posting so things on Etsy in the next day or two.

I hope all is well with you and thanks for stopping!
Happy Stitches

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Schnibbles!

Good Morning!

Here I am waving in the July Schnibbles Parade!  I finished this table topper top at about 10:30 last night!  I love it!   It is my version of the Cindy Lou Who Schnibble pattern - This is all I could get done, work has been not that busy but it has been so hot I am just tired when I get home and I have not gotten that much done, but that will all be changing on Saturday -- the boss decided to close the garden center for the month of August -- it is traditionally a slow month and we are still in a drought and high heat.  So look for a complete Schnibble in August!   

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