Friday, April 1, 2011

Opening Day - A sure sign of spring!

WOW it is has been a little bit since I have posted. We have been super busy, I helped dear hubby with a drywall, taping project last weekend and I helped out the garden center at a few home and garden shows, all this while working at my temp job. I have not been able to sew much at all :( But this weekend is a free weekend and I plan to get some stuff done. Can't believe it is April 1st! And that brings me to my headline.....It is Opening Day for my beloved Cubbies today, I won't be going to the game today, my niece almost had me talked into buying high priced tickets last night and escaping for the day to Wrigley, but as much as my heart wants to be there, my head said, no go to work and save the dollars! WOW I hate being sensible. I did of course sign up for text messages at the end of every inning so I can keep track of the scores! Technology ya gotta love it.
I will be at work today, dressed in my Cubbie Blues and you might even catch me singing Go Cubs Go around 1:20 today....and checking my phone for scores. And of course be thinking about good ol number 10 today, first opener without him. Sure do miss hearing him during spring training games. I am sure he is smiling down and I bet if there is a mishap I will be able to hear Boy O Boy!

Off to get ready for work!

Happy Stitches


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