Thursday, April 28, 2011

Potholder Pass THANK YOU!

Good Morning
I was off for the last 2 days -- weather has been just horrible, rain every day and guess what more rain today! But a little sunshine did get to my house, thanks to Karen AKA AppleKrisp from my Potholder Pass group-- I signed up for the both the potholder and bag swap this time and I was and still am in total AMAZEMENT at what arrived yesterday.
Not only did she send me a 2 wonderful chicken potholders that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! And a really cool Sunflower bag, that will really make my trips to the grocery store much more sunny even on rainy days!! But this box was choked full of goodies, I did take a photo of the goodies except for the chocolate coated peeps and chocolate eggs, Dear Hubby was home and he managed to get the bags of snacks opened before I could get the camera!!
Karen sent me, a wonderful chicken table runner, chicken embrodiery tranfsers, a really neat folding storage box, that is in a bright green color ( I love it) a cute duck mug, I see a mug rug being made to match, the mug is so cute and springy! Also a chicken tissue holder for my purse, and I have a chicken purse that it will go perfectly in.
In this picture is a neat candle in a can so bright it matches my kitchen perfectly! A chicken coupon keeper, perfect because I was using old envelopes!! And some chicken rub ons - I think I might make some signs for my kitchen or garden. I hope I told you about everything. Thank you so much!!
WOW after that - you wonder what else I did on my days off.....well this weekend we are having a wedding shower for my niece who is getting married in here is a peek at what she is getting for a present.....yes I made some of those 10 minute table runners, and they take a bit longer, I do use batting with them and so a small amount of quilting, but they are cute and I think she will like them. She lives in Maine so we rarely see her and I really have no idea what her tastes are, so I made just holiday type ones. I am much closer to the nieces that live nearby - she had not lived here for about 15 years so we occassionly see her at a family wedding or something maybe every few years -- very hard to shop for someone you don't know all that well.
Hopefully she will like the table toppers.

Well I promise to blog more, I really have missed it and I have lots of new ideas to show you - I did alot of stuff in the creation station in the past few days.
But for now I am off to work!
Happy Stitches

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