Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wind Wind and more Wind!

Good Morning!

How have you been? Hope your weekend was good. Mine did not go as planned I wanted to do the farmers market / flea market with my crafts and some other stuff I wanted to sell, but it rained! So I ended up sewing a little bit and then helped Hubby on a project. Then for dinner we went to a German Octoberfest. MMMM...very good food.

I did do a craft show on Sunday but it was very windy and rainy part of the day so attendance was down and so were sales :( But I did the show with a good friend so it was good to catch up and I stitched the entire day. So it was a fun day anyways.

Monday I ran errands for dear hubby all day - except for when I went to the garden center and loaded up on pumpkins! I did a bit of outside decorating on Monday but the wind has arrived and I need to redo some things tomorrow when this wind passes!

Yesterday I did manage to actually accomplish it is..... I have more cut out but this is all I got totally completed. Turned out cute I think, it is a potholder/oven mitt. Fun to make and pretty easy.

I am off to sew today and hopefully this windy weather will end tonight and we can get back to normal on Thursday.

Happy Stitches

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