Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day

Good Afternoon!

After my little camera continued to give me fits, I just got back from Walmart with a new cord and I am back in business. What a deal $15 and I have a plug in for 5 different types of cameras, now if I would have just bought the 1 I need I would have paid $24 at Radio Shack - so Yes I bought the variety pack and of course have many more than I need but I saved $9.

Fall is here, but no one has alerted Mother Nature yet, it was in the 80's this past weekend and it is about 76 today, I am not complaining but it is a very nice Indian Summer.

Here is a picture of our Sugar Maple in the front yard, he is only 8 years old but gives such wonderful colors in the fall - he is Dear Hubbys favorite treee.

I was in Potholder Pass #4 and these are the great potholders I rec'd from Karen, I just love the fabrics and she was kind enough to send some extra fabrics so I have to find something to do with them. They are just so cute!

I told you in a previous post that I was doing a Mystery Quilt with our BOM group and this was clue 1. I have a stack of pink and browns so I thought I would make myself a pink and brown quilt. I have rec'd step 2 and 3 last week at the club meeting but have not started it.
Yesterday I spend a few hours in the creation station and cleaned off the cutting table so I am ready to sew today. But I did not get up til 7 wich is really late for me and then Dear Hubby wanted me to boil some pork for tamales so I did that and had to be in the kitchen area so keep an eye on them, so I did some laundry and then I ran up to Walmart. A great day for a ride and boy the dogs just loved being the car with me.

Now I have my camera fixed, I am going to make spaghetti for diner, so I have a fews hours to sew and that is where I am headed my Creation Station.

Look for more pictures tomorrow.

Happy Stitches!

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