Sunday, January 25, 2009

Such a Crazy Busy Week

Hi Everyone
What a Crazy hectic week. While DH was having his galbladder removed it seemed that the effects of laying on a cold hard table affected his back and his herniated disks have flaired up. The poor guy is pretty much only comfortable in the laying position. We tried to get to the back Dr on Wed, but he could not get out of the back of the truck where he was laying and the Dr would not come out to see him and the office suggested he go to the ER. Of course being a man he said oh no I am not going there. So home we went -- where he crawled into the house. Thursday morning, I strongly suggested a trip to ER was in order, so off we went, and they gave him an IV treatment and some meds and sent us back home, only for the pain to increase when we returned home. We now have an appointment Tuesday with a back Dr in a nearby town, so hopefully they will be able to give him an injection. He has had this before, though never as bad as this and the injections always seem to relieve the pain.
I have tried to sew 15 minutes a day and was able to do so everyday but Thursday, all I did complete 3 blocks for my BOM at the LQS. And this cute little challenge doll quilt from the Small Quilt Yahoo group. I made this yesterday. I am going to quilt a bunny wallhanging today for my UFO of the week. I will post more pictures later.

Happy Stitches

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