Monday, February 2, 2009

Girls Winter Geat Away Weekend

HI Everyone,
Life has just been really busy, DH is having a horrible time after the gallbladder surgery, his herniated disks in his back have flared up. So last week, we went to 3 Dr's, the ER, outpatient and a pain clinic. He did get a shot in his back - but still can not sit or stand for any length of time. He was able to get around on his own this weekend, as it was Girls Winter Weekend Getaway! There were 9 of us that went and we had a blast. Lots of sewing, ok maybe not so much sewing, but lots of eating, laughing and talking. I manage to take some pictures just for fun.. Here is what our breakfast looks like, Quilters need a good breakfast to start the day.

And here we are eating and feuling up for a day of sewing and of course more eating.
OK this was taken late at night and we are fading fast, in fact some have already faded to bed.

And some just prefer to wear the snuggly they made this weekend. Perfect for reading or answering the phone just like the ad states and here our lovely model is showing that reading is very doable, I think she was reading her next project pattern.

I will post more pictures of our weekend getaway and I did finish UFO #4 tonight.
Happy February!

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Sara said...

Sorry hubby is having such a hard time...

Oh, your get away looks like it was loads of fun...