Monday, February 16, 2009

Buttons Buttons and More Buttons

Good Morning
Today before I was going to work, I decided to tidy up the creation station abit, it was just about to that point -- you know where it will be a disaster in a matter of minutes or if you tidy up a bit, it will remain clean, so I opted to clean it up a bit. And Buttons my cat was up for the task, she is relaxing in her chair and I clean.
One of my tasks this morning were to get most of my buttons in jars, all of course except Buttons the cat, she would not appreciate being jarred! So here is some of what I did this morning.
Off to work for me! Have a great day and remember to sew for 15 minutes today it is great for the spirit.
Happy Stitches

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Linda B. said...

I'm sorry, but I got the giggles, imagining your kitty Buttons in a jar!
I have been doing the same thing this week. Yesterday a friend gave me about 8 little plastic containers, clear, so I can sort my buttons by color, finally!!
I also finally got the vacuum cleaner in the studio and got the rug cleaned. Just to start all over again. Oh, well.