Monday, February 27, 2012

Mail It Monday!

Good Morning

In the Chicago area we have a Mr Fix It show that airs on the radio from 6 AM - 9 AM every Saturday morning -- we love to listen to Lou (that is Mr Fix-it) and he always has great ideas, he was discussing this economy we are in and he said it will not turn around til we change, til we make more of an effort to purchase American made products and support American companies.
Well I got to thinking about this and I think he is right, so I have decided that if everyone mailed 1 piece of mail extra each week, we could save the Post Office -- definitely an American company who hires Americans. So I for one will be mailing 1 piece of mail on Monday -- and this is how Mail it Monday evolved!

It also will brighten someones day - -remember how exciting it was to get a piece of mail a cute card, or a simple note in the mailbox, or even send a picture to brighten someones day. I think this could not only save the PO, but it could bring back a little of the Good Ol' Days!

So who are you mailing something to today?

Happy Stitches

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Nancy said...

I have the flag on my mailbox up....I wish I was mailing something more exciting than a survey to the doctor's office! lol