Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Potholder Pass 10 and Catch up on BOM


How did Mail it Monday go? I got a few positive responses, so that made me feel fantastic! I mailed a letter to my Godson who is in the Marines - I hope it brightens his day. I am already thinking about what I will mail on Monday - I think I will make a point of it on Sunday to take a few minutes and get my note ready and then pop it in the mail on Monday.

I have been in the Jan Patek BOM since September and I have not gotten much done, they are on block 6 and here I am still on block 1 -- Great News, I am almost done with it, I have the pieces fused on with iron on interfacing and then I am going around the edge of each piece with black DMC floss - I want this to look primitive - so tonight while I watch a little TV with Dear Hubby, I will finish block 1 - I just have to stitch around the 2 stars and the moon - then I can move on to the first part of Block 2 -- that is the second photo -- and again I just have to stitch around -- hoping to get the rest of block 2 and 3 done tomorrow - and be caught up by next week. Wish me luck!

Here is part of block 2 - it goes on the right side of block 1

Then I was involved in the Pot Holder Pass 10 over on Flickr and these are the adorable chicken potholders that flew into my mail box yesterday -- see what happens when you mail something, you get a goodie in your box :) Just love these and I call Dear Hubby Love Bug and look at the green fabric there are little love bugs there!! Too cute! Thank you!

I made a set of bunny potholders and a bunny towel for my partner -- here is the towel and the next photo is of the bunny faces, don't know where I put the photo of the potholders, I just loaded them into Flickr yesterday -- and today they are gone -- gotta love these computers!

Bunny potholder -- I do love this face!

I am slowly finishing up my Schnibble of the Month -- still need to add the border - so I will have that ready for the March 1st Parade! Can you believe March 1st already -- WOW this year is zippin by!

So what have you been working on?
I hope lots of fun things!
thanks for stopping by -- see you soon!
Happy Stitches


Suzanne said...

First of all awesome quilting and sewing projects...
Secondly I have been searching for fabric from the Sandy Gervais line French Gardens and I noticed that you posted a photo of it on Flicker...was wondering if you would be interested in selling it??
Am planning a quilt but do not have quite enough. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much.

Dorothy said...

I would be happy to sell you some, I tried to email you but don't have an address - my email is quiltndot@aol.com - I will look at what I have and let you know - it won't be til Friday morning, I am involved in a quilting event today and not sure when I will be back

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