Saturday, January 11, 2014

A little this A little that etc


That is how I feel today, I did a little of this and then a little of that -- got a few things done and some more made progress and a few things never happened -- like clean the basement!!

Here is something I completed today :)  I already had the bnnuy face done and I am trying to work thru a HUGE box of pieces like this  -- they just need to be completed.  I also have a big box of towels and I thought this might be cute -- found the rick rack in my embellishment box and got this one done!

Then my sister in law gave me a bag of fabric for dog beds and to use if there was something in there that I could use -- I did sort thru that and finish a dog bed -- so another project done.  As I went thru the bad  there were just a few pieces of crayon fabric and I have another sister in law that loves crayons -- so I had enough  to make her 2 coasters, I am sure when I mail them to her they will put a smile on her face - another project done  - I also made 10 more coasters with lots of small pieces I had -- am getting a nice big basket of these done for my shows this fall.

Now here is where I did not do so well - this was in the HUGE box of things in the works, it is basically a kit from craft camp -- so I sewed up the strips and cut them - then fused the stars on  -- need to applique them on and complete this it is a table runner.


These are 2 finishes from Thursday night -- a friend had given me a huge bag of wool, so I am enjoying making these little candle mats.  I will sell them at my fall shows, so it is really a good feeling to see the stack in box getting larger -- the more work I can get done in the winter the less stressful it is right before the show.  Hoping I can keep my mojo going!

Here is another candle mat they work up so quick...

Then I taught this project at craft camp back on October and I had 5 left over kits, I got 2 to this point today - now I have to quilt and embellish - embellishing is good for week nights I can watch TV with dear hubby and accomplish something.

That is all my show n tell for today -- I did quilt up a 27 in square wallhanging or table topper and need to bind it -- so stop by tomorrow night and it will be ready for viewing!

Time for bed I hope you accomplished alot today!

Happy Stitches

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