Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Eve mystery and More

Happy Saturday!

What a day!   I told you I was going to go to the BOM at the Quilt Shop in the next town over -- well for those of you who live in the country you will understand, those of you who don't probably can not understand the crazy country people.  First we had a 4 foot drift in the driveway so Dear Hubby and I got rid of that so I could get the truck out -- OK on my way -- as soon as I get to the edge of our town, it looks like a war zone, cars in the ditches, blowing and drifting snow and up ahead I can see police lights, I proceed, after all I was going to the quilt shop and it is only about 12 miles from our town to the next town.

As I approach the stop sign where the lights are I see, 2 police cars, the fire chief and a HUGE Backhoe type piece of equipment clearing snow that has to be taller than our truck and a sign ROAD CLOSED  -- I think - are you kidding me - it is the first BOM class -- and the road is closed!! LOL - I gave it about a minute thought to take the next road to the neighboring town, but thought -- just go home and sew you can the BOM kit anytime -- so that is what I did!

Yesterday morning I did finish the New Years Mystery Quilt   - here is a photo - it looks more green here it really is more to the turquoise color than green -- now I have to get it quilted.   

This is what I have worked on today, along with some wool projects I will show you tomorrow, they aren't totally done yet.  My sister in law got this pattern for me and I thought it is a perfect day to make it, so I got this little mug rug totally done today - in between laundry and making a crock pot dinner.

 Then I just have to show you these -- my bff since we were kids, sent me these for Christmas -- They are the cutest owls and they are so warm -- perfect for the weather we are getting -- They are owldorable!
I made a great dinner tonight you put 4 chicken breasts in the crock pot, 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, a package of soft cream cheese and a package of Zesty Italian dressing and cook on high for about 1 - 2 hours and then low for a complete cooking time of about 4 hours -- then serve over pasta  - mmm it was so good and nice and warm, perfect for a cold and snowy day.

Then this afternoon I got the best news, we have been on a 2 week hiatus from work, they closed the office for the holidays -- and Monday it is supposed to be -25 so heading off to work at 6 AM was not looking like a lot of fun -- so the email said Office Closed on Monday - Another day of sewing!

Keep Warm and Stitch on!
Happy Stitches

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