Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thrift Shop finds

Good Morning!

We have a radio shopping show in this area -- where you can get great deals on dining, hotels and entertainment -- we shop there often -- you pay about $3 for a $15 gift certficate for meal, on of our greatest deals is $54 - 2 nights stay at a resort up north and it includes Friday night fish fry, Saturday night Prime Rib and Sunday brunch for 2!   You have to watch the deal days -- that certificate I think cost between $75 - $100 originally (still a great deal) but they will have 1/2 off or Lets Make a Deal Day and Dear Hubby loves this show -- and it really allows us to do alot more for less.

Well his sister also loves this show and she got me a $10 gift certificate for a Thrift shop about 1/2 hour away -- we also had a restaurant coupon in that area so off we went Monday after work --  Now the $10 gift certificate probably cost about $3 or less and here are just a few of my finds!    

Vintage Wood Clothespins -- I purchased 117 for 1 cent each -- OH and did I tell you that EVERYTHING was at least 25% off!!    What a deal!

Two galvanized tubs great for plantings -- $1 each so after the sale 75 cents each!!!
Cute porcelain tea pot for $2 -- after the sale prie $1.50  - another great planter!

Here is on of my most unique treasures a 1966 calendar the old fashion kind a printed on fabric calendar in a vintage frame again it was $1 = so really 75 cents!
I got 2 large frames -- i think one was 24 inches x 36 inches for 27 cents!  Yes it was $3 and that was 90% off -- the other frame I got was just a few inches smaller and I got that for 10 cents!   Both of those will be made into chalkboards -- last fall I was driving thru town and found a 1/2 sheet of plywood -- I of course picked it up and Dear Hubby frowned as I brought it into the garage -- he said What in the World are you going to do with that -- I said one day I will find frames and make chalkboards -- here we go!   These will be great to sell at the Pec thing this spring.

Have done a little more organizing and going thru my endless pile of magazines and books this week, want the spare room and the basement cleaned by the end of January -- so I have been working a little a day on that.
Looking forward to sewing this weekend.
Happy Stitches

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Kendra said...

Great deals my friend! Love the pins of course. I was at the ReStore yesterday and I found an old box of clothes pins for .50 (gonna try to post it tonight), it'll be great decor in my laundry room up north.