Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Cleaning and little Sewing

Good Morning!

WOW this winter has been a tough one in Northern IL -- so we are inside most of the time, snow on Saturday it was decent on Sunday (I mean high 20's LOL) more snow yesterday and this morning below zero AGAIN!  Oh my -- like I said lots of inside time -- this past weekend I was so busy I barely notices the weather!
It was time to get the guest room clean -- it was like a staging area when I re-did the sewing room so here it is -- clean as a whistle!   So happy the entire 2nd floor is all cleaned and shiney!  First floor is good too, but the basement is BULGING with box and boxes of garage sale items -- as soon as spring arrives we are having a nice big garage sale!  

I did get a little sewing done -- my new obsession is the kleenex box covers -- I want to use up some of my holiday fabric and I found one in a snowflake print and remembered how easy there are -- so I started sewing some up.   Here are a  couple of the valentines day ones.  They look great on your desk at work -- just a little cheery thing to put at your desk to make work a little more bearable!

And as I was cleaning I found a drawer full on my moms t-shirts -- well it has been 7 years this year since she passed away -- so I thought it was time to wash them and donate to goodwill but this one -- it is just her!  She always had a smile on her face -- even when she was ill.  So I made this into a pillow and it sits in my sewing room chair.   
Off  work and it is not going to be a great drive -- windy and drifting this morning --another character builder!
Happy Stitches!

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Kendra said...

I am so tired of this cold!!!

You'll have to see today's post about what I did Saturday during and after the snow storm...only wish I was cleaning LOL!

Quackers are unhappy with me. Ruger tried to explain to me why I should open the door this morning but he did not get his way.

Stay warm!