Friday, February 26, 2010

Today is the Big day!

Hi there!

Well if you are a follower of my blog you must be sick of hearing about the house we were is the house I grew up in. So yesterday we finally got everything done that the buyer wanted complete before closing and I went and signed the papers. Today is closing, really don't want to be there.

So yesterday at 5:14 PM I said goodbye to an old friend and the last remaining thing I had to settle from my parents ......... Here is a picture of the Spring when the Peonies are blooming, they were some of my mom favorite flowers. I dug some of those and the lilacs from there when we moved to our house 8 years ago, so I do have that from the old house and I also have a ton of memories. I am glad to have her go to a good buyer - she does deserve a nice family living in her. I will miss her, but not all the work I have done over the last few years.

Farewell old girl...

So silly to get so emotional over a house......but yet I do

I hope you have a good day

Some interesting facts about her....she was built in the 1920's as a summer cottage, my parents were the second owners, and the purchased her Feb 25, 1956 for $9,128.49

We sold her to her third owner Feb 26, 2010 (54 years later) for $135,000 - wich was a giveaway 3 years ago she was at $205,000 but the economy is so bad.

Not many homes can brag about only being owned by 3 familys in 90 years.

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Quilty bird said...

Awww. It's hard to say goodbye. Try to think about all the time you'll have for quilting now.