Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Pictures from the Get A Way Weekend!

Good Morning!

Yesterday was another wasted day, sewing wise, that is, I worked on helping hubby get permits and met with a plumber at my parents old home -- we have a contract but of course with the economy he is trying to get another $8000 off -- so we have to update some items to get them in with the current code. Lucky hubby and his brother are very talented and we can fix most of it on our own.

Here are some more photos from the Girls Winter Get Away Weekend:

This is my sister in law, she made a cute purse, I know she worked on other things too but I can't remember right now.

This lady is Quilting Mom, she is not my mom, but she is everyones Quilting Mom. Her 3 daughters also came with us. She is a riot and we all love her to pieces. Here is the project she was working on.

This is Sandy -- she doesn't sew much but she loves to stitch, so she stitches and we just have a blast with her.

This is Cheryl, she is one of QM's daughters, she was working a neat 30's project.

Today is First Thursday -- we meet for breakfast in about 45 minutes then after breakfast we have a conference room in the bank where we go and stitch. Should be a fun day, Hubby will be turning in permit forms today and then tomorrow we start on running some electrical lines, hopefully it won't be an enlightening job! If you get my drift!
Another little bit of good news, just 15 more days til Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training for the Cubs! Spring has to be around the corner!
have a great day
Happy Stitches

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Sara said...

How fun it is to be with friends - stitching and quilting and knitting. I'm all for it...

Good luck with the house repairs - you are lucky that your husband can do the work.