Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Good Morning!

yes today pitchers and catchers report to Cubs Spring Training! This is our year!! Remember last year....we said wait til next year.....well next year is here!

You know spring is just a couple of weeks away (ok about a month or so away) but it sure seems like it with Spring Training starting.

Nothing new in my quilting....I did get to visit a quilt shop out by my parents house yesterday and I got some FQ's......I will have to post a photo tomorrow.

I am waiting for hubby to get home from excercising and then we are going to get new glasses and then to work on plumbing out at the old house... Countdown is on closing is scheduled for the 26th....

Speaking of quilting.....are you signed up for the Friday Night Sew in??? I am! What are you going to work on, I was thinking something springy...but I have not picked my project yet, maybe I will run upstairs and see what I might like to do.... I will have a photo of that for you tomorrow too!

Happy Stitches

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Sara said...

I've got some blocks, some bags, and a small gift or two to get done. Have no idea how much will get finished...but, I'm going to be sewing...