Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friday Nigth Sew In and More


Well my Friday night sew in was a complete bust! We did not get back home til after 9 PM from working on the parents old house....I know you are tired of hearing about this house, I am tired of workin on it! So I only got 1 bock done for my Kansas Troubles BOM, but it is one block done!

The stains are just spray starch that has not dried, I quickly pressed it and snapped the picture without waiting for it to dry.

Here are my goodies that I got when I was able to go to the shop near my parents house. I used 2 of them in my BOM. I love the civil war green -- hoping to get something done with that today.

Here is what I wanted to get done on Friday Night, make some cupcake potholders, but that just did no happen....maybe next week I can whip some of these up.

Well the closing on my parents house is next after that I should be able to get back to sewing. Have a wonderful day!
Happy Stitches


Sara said...

Something is okay...I only got a grocery bag and a block done. The block was that takes me forever.

Quilty bird said...

Those cupcakes are cute!